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Medical Malpractice Cases Australia.

We enjoy a high standard of medical care in Australia. But diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions doesn’t always go to plan, and medical malpractice cases are an unfortunate reality, no matter where you live.  [...]
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Man who suffered workplace injury that caused stroke awarded $650k

Stroke sufferer awarded $650,000 after being turned away from other law firms.

Having been turned away by law firms who said he didn’t have a claim, Mark decided to call Law Partners. This turned out to be the call that changed his life.  After waking up feeling [...]
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Turning Pain into Purpose – Pia and Alana’s Journey to Create Emerge and See.

Pia and Alana first met in the police academy while they were studying together. They were close friends, but drifted apart when they joined different forces after graduating. When they reconnected years later, they realised [...]
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Pia engaging in a conversation.

PTSD in the Police Force – Pia’s Story.

Pia had been serving in the NSW police force for 18 years when she realised that something wasn’t right anymore. As a general duties sergeant, she had been exposed to almost two decades of traumatic [...]
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Man awarded half a million dollars after medical negligence surgery accident

Electrician Awarded Half a Million Dollars After Surgical Accident.

Hard working electrician Jason has been awarded a $550,000 settlement after a surgeon took a biopsy from the wrong rib, causing lasting complications. Jason had been dealing with unexplained chest pain and an unknown lesion [...]
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Mother awarded settlement after experiencing medical negligence during birth

New Mother Awarded $350,000 After Medical Negligence Experience While Giving Birth.

As a first-time mother, Martina was excited about giving birth and finally getting to meet her baby. The experience was meant to be one of the best moments of her life, but medical negligence has [...]
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Man awarded $800000 settlement after suffering medical negligence in hospital

Man Awarded $800,000 Settlement After Suffering Medical Negligence in Hospital.

Rohit was in hospital for a knee replacement operation when he suffered an injury that turned his life upside down and resulted in a $800,000 settlement. The 58-year-old led an active life playing in a [...]
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Father and son smiling after seeking successful compensation.

Factory Worker Awarded $570,000 Payout After Workplace Fall.

Christian, 44, has been in manufacturing most of his life, and worked in his last role for almost ten years before a workplace injury disrupted everything. He tripped on a pothole inside the warehouse where [...]
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Woman looking out the window.

Pedestrian’s $200,000 Payout After Witnessing Traumatic Accident.

Brooklyn struggled with her mental health on and off for most of her life, but when she hit her thirties, she finally felt like she was in a good place. She spent lots of her [...]
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Mother awarded lump sum TAC payout

Brisbane Resident Awarded $230,000 TAC Payout in Victoria.

While on an interstate trip to visit a friend, an unexpected accident turned Grace’s life upside down. Grace had flown down from her home in Brisbane to spend the weekend in Melbourne with her friend [...]
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Back From the Brink – John’s Story.

John worked as a police officer for 15 years before stepping away to focus on his mental health. It was a job with significant ups and downs. Though he loved the camaraderie with his colleagues [...]
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Former police officer experiencing PTSD making a police workers compensation claim

You Don’t Have to Cop it – Police PTSD Stories.

Former police officers John, Tony, and Ross have a collective 65 years of experience in the NSW police force, but that’s not all they have in common. In fact, all three of them are rebuilding [...]
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A Chinese woman and her mother smiling outdoors

Cleaner Injured on a Public Bus Awarded $250K Payout.

Public transport is simply a part of life for hundreds of thousands of Australians, and no one ever expects things to go wrong. Zhang Wei was 68 years old when she was injured on a [...]
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A New Chapter – Christine’s Story.

It’s not uncommon to have your wisdom teeth removed if they’re causing you pain, but the pain should disappear after a few days. This wasn’t the case for Christine, whose experience with her surgery has [...]
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The Power of Reaching Out for Help – Tony’s Story.

For Tony, being part of the police force meant being part of something special – a unique group of people who offered him camaraderie that he still misses. The positives of the job were significant, [...]
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Bullied Male Teacher Receives Workers Compensation Payout

Bullied Teacher Awarded $500k Compensation Payout.

A devoted former high school teacher has been successful in his workers compensation bullying claim and awarded a $500,000 payout. Colin, 51, feels as though a ‘dark cloud above his head has finally disappeared’ as he [...]
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Mother Of Three Receives $750K Compensation Payout

Mother of Three Receives $750K Compensation Payout.

A young mother of three has been awarded a $750,000 compensation payout as she looks forward to closing the chapter on the most difficult period of her life. Former store manager, Kristy, 35, acknowledges she’ll [...]
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Worker Hit By A Falling Object Awarded $350k Workers Compensation Payout

Worker hit by falling object awarded $350k payout

A disastrous fitness store work injury ordeal has resulted in a $350,000 compensation payout to a former employee. Callum, 42, is extremely relieved to see ‘justice prevail’ but admits the outcome would have been a [...]
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$540k Payout After Shopping Centre Accident.

A former small business owner is looking forward to the next chapter of his life after he was awarded a whopping $540,000 public liability claim payout. Frank, 48, admits he never could’ve imagined such an [...]
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A Man The Victim Of A Medical Mishap Awarded $1.2M Payout

Medical Mishap Results in $1.2M Payout

A nightmare medical negligence ordeal has ended with a $1.2 million payout to a former landscaper. Ibrahim, 34, now has the means and confidence to get his life back on track, but admits he will [...]
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Western Sydney man awarded $200K CTP payout.

Western Sydney Man Awarded $200K CTP Payout.

A family man and motorcycle enthusiast has received almost $200,000 in compensation after a being rear-ended by an SUV driver on his phone. Joe, a 53-year-old construction worker from western Sydney, called the result ‘justice’ [...]
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Man Having His Shoulder Assessed Before Making A TPD Claim.

TPD Claim Stories.

The circumstances that lead you down the path of having to make a total and permanent disability claim are always difficult. You may be doing your best to support a family and coming to terms [...]
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CTP payout provides welcome relief for mum.

$1M Payout Provides Welcome Relief After Car Crash Nightmare for Mum.

She faced more than her fair share of challenges, but Layla certainly had a handle on things. The 55-year-old single mum juggled work, caring for her three kids including a son, James, with Cerebral Palsy, [...]
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