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At Law Partners we strive to be a support network to thousands of Australians who have suffered an injury that has greatly impacted their life.


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Heartbreaking police PTSD stories

For the first time, three former respected policemen share their heartbreaking PTSD stories.

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A horrible fall leads to a huge decision

A horrible 5 metre fall left former chef Terry with the unenviable decision to battle through infection or amputate his leg.

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A life-changing moment

A horrific highway accident left Halina with devastating injuries and saw her become a patient in her own hospital.

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Justice for Miata’s death

Justin and Mary along with their beautiful children were thriving and couldn’t be happier.

But in a cruel twist of fate on one misty August morning, a tragedy unfolded that would change their family forever. A house fire tore through their rental property and resulted in the tragic death of Justin and Mary’s daughter, Miata.

The family’s strength and determination to achieve justice for their daughter’s death throughout their public liability claim and the coronial inquest is inspiring and we are honoured to bring you their story.

Motor Accident Injury – Sasha’s Story

There’s nothing scarier than hearing the news that your family has been involved in an accident.

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Work Injury – Daryl’s Story

An inspirational Aussie story of a hard working family man who overcame extreme adversity to get his life back on track.

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Public Injury – Joseph’s Story

Restaurant owner Joseph had his life turned upside down after suffering through some horrible injuries following a slip in a public toilet.

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Work Injury – Doriana’s Story

Before Doriana became a valuable member of the Law Partners team she suffered a serious work-related injury which changed her life.

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Why I’m glad I chose Law Partners

Hear from some of our clients who speak honestly about what they were going through and why they’re glad they chose Law Partners.

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Superannuation/TPD – Kelly’s Story

Kelly was working as a deputy manager at a supermarket when she slipped on some ice in the freezer and fell backwards on the floor.

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