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Choose Empathy

We believe that a world with more empathy is a better world for all of us, and this is at the heart of everything we do.

Law Partners is dedicated to helping injured Australians get their lives back on track.
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Law Partners is built on the cornerstone value of empathy. We take great pride in doing absolutely all we can to help injured Australians get their lives back on track, but our vision for a more empathetic world extends beyond what we do every day. That’s why we support and shine a light on acts that make the world a better place, and on people who help others who are less fortunate. 

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6 January 2021

More than man’s best friend

‘This dog saved my life – if it wasn’t for this dog, my son wouldn’t have a mother’. They say dog is man’s best friend but sometimes they can be so much more than that and SJ’s incredible story is certainly a testament to that.

4 March 2020

When your disability doesn’t define you

Jarrad Ingram can only be described as a walking, talking modern-day miracle. He endured an accident so horrific that the doctors effectively pronounced him brain dead. He was abandoned by his friends in his time of need and told he would never contribute to society again. Despite all that, his belief in himself to once again live a meaningful life never wavered, and what he has achieved is nothing short of astonishing. His story is motivation for all of us who’ve ever been told we CAN’T achieve something.

5 February 2020

When our teachers are bullied

There’s a perception that teachers have it easy with their six-hour days and extended summer holidays but this perception is far from reality. Teacher bullying is at a crisis point with around 80% of all teachers experiencing some form of bullying in the past year.

15 January 2020

Elite athletes and the mental illness stigma

From the outside looking in, it would seem professional athletes have it all. Fame, money and the luxury of pursuing a career most of us could only dream about. But as former NRL player Dan Conn’s story illustrates, perception isn’t always reality.

5 November 2019

Making it on the outside

There’s a perception that prison is the worst place anyone could end up. But for recently released prisoners with no family or support network – the most testing time begins from the moment they walk out the prison gates.

15 October 2019

How the Lindt Siege changed my life

Law Partners client and Lindt Cafe siege head sniper Mark Davidson opens up about PTSD and the personal impact of that infamous day in Australian history.

10 May 2019

What it’s like to live with mental illness

From the days where she contemplated taking her own life to the moment she found her true calling, former mental health sufferer now mentor at Flourish Australia Kylie, takes us through her incredible journey.

9 May 2019

Why empathy is the key to mental health

Flourish Australia CEO Mark Orr opens up about the pressing mental health issues in society and why empathy is so vital to eliminating the hurtful stigmas that exist.

3 May 2019

Understanding depression and anxiety

A candid look at the life of a mental health sufferer through the eyes of Taylah – who bravely opens up about her journey with depression and anxiety.

22 March 2019

Society’s perception of the disabled

Paralympic legend and Wheelchair Sports NSW Patron Louise Sauvage candidly reveals her frustration with attitudes towards people with disabilities.

22 March 2019
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Shocking reality of youth homelessness

Former homeless youth Jose details his journey from living on the streets of Kings Cross as an 11-year-old, to his intense battle with depression later in life.

22 March 2019

Michael Clarke races young Cormac

Ex Australian Cricket captain Michael Clarke gives wheelchair racing a go and challenges 11-year-old Paralympian-hopeful Cormac to a race!

22 March 2019
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What resilience really looks like

Losing both parents and being exposed to substance abuse and domestic violence is a nightmare no child should endure. Unfortunately for Kiana, this nightmare was reality.

22 March 2019

Raising a child with a disability

Aspiring paralympian Cormac and his father Matt candidly reveal what the tough days look like, the joyous occasions and how damaging a lack of empathy can be.

Law Partners in the community.

We’re incredibly proud to support our staff as they spread the
Choose Empathy message through so many charitable initiatives.

Dogtober a great success.

It was an honour to collaborate and support one of the nation’s premier organisations in Assistance Dogs Australia. Thanks for dropping by the office to celebrate the end of our Dogtober initiative – it was an event that none of our staff will ever forget.

Mo on a mission.

We’re so proud of our inspirational Paralegal, Josh Allen, who grew one of great moustaches to raise awareness and reduce the stigma associated with men’s mental health. Check out Josh’s sensational mo journey. 

Christmas Hampers

Christmas Hampers on their way!

That’s a wrap! Law Partners staff have put together 42 Christmas hampers and provided them to the great people at Vinnies Australia, who do a great job at spreading some much needed Christmas cheer to Aussies in need.

A world with and without empathy.

Our staff and clients reflect on their interpretation of empathy
and share their experiences of being prejudged in society.

The sad and real side of compensation.

Broken families, poor quality of life, mental illness and losing the will to live. This is the sad and real side of compensation the majority of the public don’t know about or acknowledge.

What it's really like to live on compensation.

There’s an assumption that exists in society that anyone who claims compensation is a ‘bludger’ who is rorting the system to make a quick buck. This generalisation is not only inaccurate but is hurting and impacting so many people like Terry.

Even Halina's doctor made fun of her situation.

When you’re in a vulnerable situation, asking for help can be tough, particularly if you’re a proud professional like Halina.

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