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Australia's Largest Specialist Personal Injury Firm^

WINNER Personal Injury Law Firm of the Year

Stroke sufferer awarded $650,000 after being turned away from other law firms.

Having been turned away by law firms who said he didn’t have a claim, Mark decided to call Law Partners. This turned out to be the call that changed his life. 

After waking up feeling strange one weekend, Mark suffered a stroke and was rushed to hospital. While he was recovering, he slipped over after trying to stand up from his bed and injured his shoulder. He was confused and in pain, and while the fall seemed minor, the strain it put on his shoulder was making life difficult. Mark felt that the hospital had been negligent by not monitoring him correctly, and so he started doing some research into medical negligence lawyers.

Man who suffered workplace injury that caused stroke awarded $650k

“I spoke to lots of people, and they all told me the same thing,” Mark explains. “My case didn’t count as medical negligence, and they couldn’t help me.”  

It wasn’t the end of the road. Mark called Law Partners and spoke to one of our lawyers who took the time to ask him personal questions and gain a full understanding of Mark’s situation. We discovered that six months before the stroke, Mark had been stacking wooden beams at work when the pile collapsed on his foot.

His foot had been crushed and he hadn’t received proper medical treatment, so the injury never fully healed. On further investigation, we discovered that the pressure had caused blood clots to form, which had built up over time and eventually caused Mark’s stroke.

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While he couldn’t make a claim for medical negligence, we told Mark that he could make a workers compensation claim that he wasn’t even aware of. We matched him with one of our specialist workers compensation lawyers, Natalie, who proved that Mark’s injuries had all been caused by his job.

He was awarded compensation to cover his time off work, his medical treatment, and the cost of his recovery. He was also awarded a lump sum payment for his permanent impairment. His final settlement came to over $650,000.

Mark didn’t even realise that he needed workers compensation legal advice, and if he hadn’t called and spoken to us, he would have missed out on the $650k in compensation that he was entitled to. The settlement has allowed Mark to retire early and focus on spending time with his family and volunteering in his local community. His foot and shoulder have fully healed, something he says wouldn’t have happened without Law Partners.

“Law Partners didn’t just say no, they took the time to listen, and they got me a brilliant result,” Mark says now. “They changed my life.”

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