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Brisbane Resident Awarded $230,000 TAC Payout in Victoria.

While on an interstate trip to visit a friend, an unexpected accident turned Grace’s life upside down. Grace had flown down from her home in Brisbane to spend the weekend in Melbourne with her friend Imogen. As they were driving to watch Imogen’s daughter play soccer, a distracted driver t-boned their car at an intersection.

The driver who hit them had been looking at his phone and didn’t yield to the oncoming car. It caused a side on collision, and while Imogen was luckily uninjured, the passenger side crumpled, and Grace’s left arm was crushed.

Mother awarded lump sum TAC payout

Grace, who is left-handed, suffered severe damage to her elbow and shoulder, which impacted every area of her life. Simple tasks like writing, carrying things at the shop, or picking up her toddler became impossible. She couldn’t even type, which made work impossible. The experience left her feeling helpless and isolated.

Imogen had seen ads for Law Partners in Melbourne, and she encouraged Grace to get in touch, even though Grace lives in Brisbane. “Speaking to Law Partners was the best decision I ever made,” Grace reflects. “They just made the whole process so easy. I don’t think anyone could have gotten me a better result.” Since the accident had happened in Victoria, and involved two vehicles registered in the state, Grace learned that she could make a claim through the Victorian Transport Accident Commission, known as the TAC.

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After being matched with her solicitor, Lydia, Grace was given a whole person impairment (WPI) assessment of just 6%, far from the 30% required to claim a lump sum.

Lydia was able to appeal to the TAC and get Grace’s injuries classed as ‘serious’, despite the low impairment rating, due to the significance of the damage.

This meant that Lydia could proceed with a common law claim and secure a lump sum payout, on top of statutory benefits which compensated Grace for her lost wages, as well as doctors’ appointments and medical bills. Grace was awarded $230,000 to recognise the economic impact of the injury while she was unable to work, cover her surgical costs for a shoulder reconstruction, and compensate her for the emotional distress of the accident, which is also known as a ‘pain and suffering’ claim.

Despite living in a different state, Grace was able to successfully make a TAC claim in Victoria.

Lydia took the time to get to know Grace and understand the impact of her injuries and was able to achieve a settlement that has allowed Grace to get her life back on track. “I’m so grateful to everyone who was involved in my case,” Grace says now. “I’d recommend Law Partners to anyone.”

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