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Electrician Awarded Half a Million Dollars After Surgical Accident.

Hard working electrician Jason has been awarded a $550,000 settlement after a surgeon took a biopsy from the wrong rib, causing lasting complications.

Jason had been dealing with unexplained chest pain and an unknown lesion on his ribs for months before his doctor recommended that he undergo a bone biopsy to examine the area. He was looking forward to getting some answers – he didn’t expect the operation to make everything worse.

Man awarded half a million dollars after medical negligence surgery accident

“I knew something was wrong when I woke up, basically straight away,” Jason explains. “But it took me so long to get answers.”

While performing the operation, the surgeon removed a section from the wrong place, taking a biopsy from the 3rd rib instead of the 4th. The mistake meant that Jason had to undergo further surgery to gain a sample from the correct rib. While the results showed that the lesion on his 4th rib was benign, having a sample taken from the wrong place caused him to develop an ongoing pain syndrome in his chest.

“I knew that what happened to me was wrong, but I didn’t realise that I could claim anything,” Jason says. He started doing some research and found Law Partners online. “Once I found Law Partners, I felt like someone was actually on my side. They helped me get my life back.”

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The result of the medical negligence he experienced has left Jason with ongoing pain and difficulty in his everyday life, forcing him to step back from his job as a sparky. His solicitor, James, took the time to get to know Jason and the details of his life before the injury.

James was able to demonstrate just how significant the impact had been on Jason. The matter settled out of court and included compensation for Jason’s economic loss, covering all of his treatment expenses for ongoing medical care, and allocated money to pay for domestic assistance to help around the house.  

Jason was also awarded compensation for his non-economic losses, sometimes known as a pain and suffering claim, to cover the emotional distress caused by his injuries.

The final amount was just over $550,000.

“I felt like I was crazy. I just wanted someone to admit that they’d made a mistake, and to help me pay for the medical stuff. I had to pay for all of these things even though I didn’t do anything wrong,” Jason explains. “James and his team helped me get there. I really don’t know what I would have done without them.”

If you’ve experienced injuries as a result of medical negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. Get in touch with us today and speak to one of our specialised medical negligence lawyers for some free advice about your situation.

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