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Man with a neck injury after a car accident and potentially eligible for CTP compensation.

How Long After an Accident can you Claim in Australia?

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, time limits apply to claiming compensation for your injuries, and also to how long you can continue to receive compensation. But regardless of how long it’s been [...]
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Man at work a victim of workplace bullying.

Workplace Bullying Compensation Payouts

Each year, approximately one in every 10 Australian workers experiences bullying in the workplace. Fortunately, support in the form of compensation and treatment is available for workers whose health has suffered because of workplace bullying. [...]
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Man being assessed to see if he's eligible for shoulder injury compensation.

Shoulder Injury Compensation Payouts Australia – NSW

If you’ve sustained a shoulder injury at work, in a car accident or in a public place, you might be entitled to compensation. In this article, we look at shoulder injury compensation payouts in Australia [...]
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Man on his way to work before suffering an injury - journey claims NSW.

Journey Claims NSW – Workers Compensation to and from Work

In NSW you’re covered for workers compensation to and from work (known as a journey claims NSW) if there’s a real and substantial connection between the accident that caused your injury and your employment. In [...]
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A worker suffers a serious work injury worthy of a workers compensation claim.

WorkCover Claim – Your Quick Guide.

If you’re injured at work in NSW, the workers compensation scheme provides a range of benefits and lump sums to support you financially and help you get back to work if you can. A workers [...]
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Woman suffering from a psychological injury sustained in the workplace.

Common Law Claims – Psychological Injury.

Psychological injuries can be completely debilitating, and in many cases can prevent sufferers from working. However, if the condition has been primarily caused by your work, workers compensation payments may be available to you. Where [...]
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Workers Compensation for Casual Employees

If you’re one of the 832,000 casual employees working in NSW, it’s important to know that you’re covered for workers compensation benefits if you’re injured at work or suffer illness that was caused by work. [...]
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Worker Terminated Whilst On Workers Compensation Looking Up His Rights

Termination whilst on WorkCover – is it Legal?

If you’re injured at work and on workers compensation, your employer cannot legally terminate you within the first six months since your injury purely because you’re unfit to resume work. In NSW, an employer can [...]
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Injured worker calculating whole person impairment lump sum

Whole Person Impairment Compensation Calculator and Guide

If you’re injured at work, you might be entitled to a permanent impairment lump sum benefit. In this guide we explain how to find out if you qualify for a whole person impairment payout, and [...]
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Stress Leave NSW – Your Guide

If you’re stressed, it can be incredibly difficult to continue to do your job, and it can have a major impact on your overall health and wellbeing. But what happens if your job is causing [...]
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Woman suffering from whiplash after a car accident with a potential CTP claim.

Whiplash Compensation Payouts Guide.

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries suffered in car accidents in Australia. But in NSW, whiplash is classified as a ‘minor injury’, and whiplash injury claim payouts are limited to weekly payments for [...]
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CTP payout provides welcome relief for mum.

$1M payout provides welcome relief after car crash nightmare for mum.

She faced more than her fair share of challenges, but Layla certainly had a handle on things. The 55-year-old single mum juggled work, caring for her three kids including a son, James, with Cerebral Palsy, [...]
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Couple Discussing Finances And Whether It's Possible To Work After A TPD Payout.

Can You Work After a TPD Payout?

There are some situations where you can return to work after a TPD payout. For example, if new medications or rehabilitation techniques become available, and that results in an improvement in your condition, you might [...]
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Car Accident Compensation for Pain and Suffering.

Can you claim car accident compensation for pain and suffering in NSW? Car accident compensation for pain and suffering is a lump sum that’s awarded to you to compensate you for the harmful impact your [...]
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A woman suffering from a mental illness that's eligible to make a TPD claim.

Making a TPD Claim for Mental Illness.

Mental illness can be completely debilitating, and many people suffering from mental illness find themselves unable to work. To make matters even worse, people with mental health issues often experience significant levels of stigma and [...]
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Construction worker on a building site before suffering an injury and receiving a workers compensation payout.

Workers Compensation Payout Guide NSW.

If you’ve been injured at work in NSW, you’re entitled to workers compensation to cover your lost wages and treatment expenses. Depending on the extent of your injuries and whether negligence was involved, you might [...]
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Woman injured in a motor vehicle accident and eligible for CTP compensation.

Guide to Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation NSW.

As much as we hate to think about it, motor vehicles can be dangerous, and accidents happen. Motor accidents can cause significant physical and psychological injuries, and they can also cause financial stress from time [...]
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Trained dog helping its blind owner who is eligible to make a TPD claim.

The Seven Steps to Successful TPD Claims.

A lot of people have their TPD claims rejected by insurers, even when they do have an eligible claim that should be approved. In this guide, we take you through the seven steps to successful [...]
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Stethoscope On A Laptop Indicating Doctor Negligence.

Doctor Negligence – How to Claim Compensation.

We place a lot of faith in doctors to act professionally and in our best interests, and the majority of them do. But mistakes are sometimes made that result in a worse outcome for the [...]
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Couple Meeting With A Personal Injury Lawyer.

How to Claim a Lump Sum Payment for Your Illness.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with a serious illness, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed with information on treatment options, medication, therapies and other advice – it’s a stressful time. [...]
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No Win No Fee Lawyers.

If you’re looking for no win no fee lawyers to help with your compensation claim, you’ll know there are plenty of firms to choose from. But what you might not know is that not all [...]
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Woman suffering from whiplash after a car accident with a potential CTP claim.

Compensation Payout Guide.

If you’ve been injured in an accident and incurred any treatment costs or had any time off work to recover, then it’s likely you’re entitled to a compensation payout. This guide explains how compensation payouts [...]
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Nurse reviewing patient notes.

Negligence in Nursing Claims Guide.

We naturally trust medical professionals with our care and treatment. But mistakes do happen and sometimes the wrong decisions are made, and this can amount to negligence in nursing if you’ve suffered an injury, illness, [...]
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