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WINNER Personal Injury Law Firm of the Year

Roofer gets $835,000 in a workers compensation injury claim.

When Chris contacted Law Partners for help with his workplace injury claim, he had no idea whether he even had a case worth pursuing. But we got to know Chris, taking time to explain the process and fully understand the extent of his injuries. This ultimately led to a great compensation outcome for Chris and his family.

Chris’s story began with a debilitating neck and right shoulder injury, preventing him from carrying out his duties as a roofer. The insurer, however, denied there was a workers compensation case, claiming the injury wasn’t work related, as there was no specific incident connected to it.

Law Partners took on the case, and quickly got to work exploring all the facts behind the injury, gathering a range of detailed medical evidence, reports, scans, and very detailed interviews and statements from Chris and his wife.

Australian law allows for what’s called a workers compensation ‘nature and conditions’ claim. In this case, the law recognises that a physical injury can accumulate over time, for example, from repetitive work duties such as heavy lifting, bending, pushing, or pulling. This is also known as a wear and tear claim.

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In working closely with Chris, we also found out he was suffering from pain in his left shoulder. That’s because he was overcompensating to the other side, due to his initial right shoulder and neck injury. We gathered the factual and medical evidence to support this part of the claim.

Fortunately, Law Partners was able to secure a great result for Chris. First, we went to an arbitration with our factual and medical evidence, winning the case to get his left shoulder accepted as part of the claim. Next, we put in a claim for a lump sum payment and went into a mediation. In the end, we secured a total of approximately $835,000 in compensation for Chris to help him get back on his feet, and plan for his future. 

The final amount covers wages and medical treatment expenses, whole person impairment (WPI) lump sum compensation, and work injury damages (WID) compensation.

“I’m so happy I chose Law Partners after getting injured at work. Kiran Malai and the team were so professional and helpful, and also very detailed at every step in putting together all the evidence for my case. 

“To be honest, I thought this claim would drag out and take a lot longer. But not only did we get a great result, the whole process was fast and very efficient too.”

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