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Man Awarded $800,000 Settlement After Suffering Medical Negligence in Hospital.

Rohit was in hospital for a knee replacement operation when he suffered an injury that turned his life upside down and resulted in a $800,000 settlement. The 58-year-old led an active life playing in a weekly social basketball competition and coaching his daughter’s cricket team. His knee had been causing him more consistent pain, until it reached a point where he could barely walk. He made the decision to go ahead with the knee replacement.

Man awarded $800000 settlement after suffering medical negligence in hospital

The surgery went smoothly but Rohit’s doctor prescribed him blood thinners to reduce the risk of blood clots after the operation. The hospital was understaffed, and Rohit’s wife Nyra describes feeling worried that Rohit wasn’t being monitored correctly after his operation. They quickly realised just how serious the problem was.

While doing rounds on the recovery ward on the day after Rohit’s operation, the covering doctor didn’t take the time to properly assess his chart. He prescribed a new dose of blood thinning medication; however, Rohit had already taken a dosage of a different drug. The overlap caused a severe brain bleed, and Rohit was rushed into emergency neurosurgery.

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The impact of the injury has been immense, affecting every part of Rohit’s life. He has suffered ongoing cognitive problems and is no longer able to play sport or return to his job as a financial planner. “Those first few weeks after Rohit came home were the hardest,” Nyra says. “We didn’t know what to do, he couldn’t go back to work, and I had to take time off to look after him.”  

One of Rohit’s colleagues had made a public liability claim through Law Partners and recommended that Nyra get in touch. “I spoke to James, and from the first conversation, I knew things were going to be okay,” Nyra says.

James took the time to get to know Rohit and Nyra personally so that he could fully understand the impact of the medical negligence that Rohit experienced. This allowed him to present a case against the Local Health District to allow Rohit to claim all the compensation that he was entitled to, including a non-economic loss claim and a loss of future income claim, as well as covering all of Rohit’s current and future medical expenses.

The final settlement amounted to over $800,000.

Rohit has been able to use his financial compensation to focus completely on recovery. He’s enjoying spending time with his children, and Nyra has been able to return to work. “I’m grateful to James and the entire team at Law Partners. They looked after us throughout the entire process,” Nyra says.

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