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Medical negligence lawyers in Parramatta.

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If you’ve experienced negligent medical treatment, you could be entitled to make a claim.

Our Parramatta medical negligence lawyers are experts in getting you compensation. Get in touch if you’re looking for a local team on the ground with specialist medical negligence expertise. We’ve helped thousands of Australians make successful claims, and we win over 99% of our cases.

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Our Parramatta office is located on the corner of Smith and Macquarie Streets. It is directly opposite the new Western Sydney University campus building and Parramatta Square development.

The Barrington, Level 11, 10 Smith Street, Parramatta NSW 2150

Meet our Parramatta medical negligence lawyers.

Our medical negligence practice is led by Michele Cheong, an award-winning Doyle’s Guide listed personal injury specialist with 37 years of legal experience. Your local Sydney team are experts in complex medical negligence cases, which means you’re in safe hands with Australia’s largest specialist personal injury firm.

Woman in Hospital Bed Suffering Illness Due to Medical Negligence

We understand it can be extremely challenging dealing with the aftermath of an injury caused by medical negligence.

If you’ve received medical treatment that was negligent, unreasonably delayed, or misdiagnosed, we’re here to help you and your family get the compensation you deserve.

Our team is local and accessible, so we can meet face-to-face, on a call, or wherever you are. At Law Partners, your Parramatta medical negligence lawyer will take time to get to know you personally, understand the true impact of your injuries, and uncover all your entitlements.

Our Parramatta medical negligence lawyers are here to help.

Medical negligence claims can be complex, but our Parramatta lawyers have a strong track record of success. Here are some examples of claims we can help you with:

GP Hospital icon

GP and hospital claims.

Including claims relating to doctors, hospitals, surgery, misdiagnosis, and delayed diagnosis.

Woman holding new born - birth injuries and defects icon

Birth-related claims.

Including injuries to mothers and babies, and birth defects caused by medical negligence.

Surgical knife icon

Clinical claims.

Including cosmetic surgery and dental negligence.

What medical negligence compensation can I claim?

Medical negligence payouts range from tens of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. Depending on the severity of your injuries, your total compensation amount can include:

The amount of income you’ve lost through time off work.

Resulting from your injuries.

To and from appointments and treatment.

The cost of getting help with home duties.

An amount of compensation for your pain and suffering, based on the extent of your injuries.

For example, your future earnings that you’ll miss out on as a a result of your injuries.

There’s no cost to speak to one of our Parramatta medical negligence lawyers and find out how much you can claim.

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Your Parramatta medical negligence lawyer will ask more questions and get to know you personally to work out everything you’re entitled to.

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We’ll offer to start your claim.

We’ll explain how we can claim all your medical negligence compensation and give you our ‘no win no fee’ guarantee. You decide if you want to proceed – there’s no obligation.

Watch our clients’ inspirational stories.

Christine's story

It’s not uncommon to have your wisdom teeth removed if they’re causing you pain, but that pain should disappear after a few days. This wasn’t the case for Christine, whose surgery left her with a broken jaw and permanent nerve damage that completely turned her world upside down.

Shanelle's story

Shanelle's story

When department manager and devoted mother Shanelle was refused surgery for her injury, she turned to us for help.

“It was the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s just good to know that there are people out there who actually care that I’m injured. And that’s what Law Partners is about – they care.”

John's story

A freak work accident suffered years ago completely altered the course of John’s life. He could no longer work, he lost his family, suffered financially and effectively lost the will to live.

We’re rated 4.9 from 1099 reviews on Google.

What can I say? Absolutely amazing support and results from Lydia and her team at Law Partners. Dealing with an accident claim since 2019 and have had nothing but the best service.

I’d like to thank Lydia and the team for going above and beyond through the whole process of the claim. This will definitely help with the process of getting back on track with life after a traumatic accident.

Thank you again.

Lukas Havlic gave Law Partners a
review on Google

I would like to thank Law Partners for all their help and support through out my claim. Every member of Law Partners from start to finish were so helpful, and went above and beyond keeping me updated and well informed of any changes.

Very professional team that kept my best interest and what would be best for me at all times in mind. Cannot thank them enough; would highly recommend them in an instant.

Made me feel like part of their family. Thanks for everything again guys.

Adam Gollnitz gave Law Partners a
review on Google

I am lucky enough to have Angy Basal and Georgia McPherson on my side all the way through to my worker compensation claim. Since they took over my case, I never worried about legal side. Very professional and very easy to reach and understand a situation really well and finally they have won a legal battle with my insurer.

I will highly recommend Law Partners to those who are struggling with legal battles with insurance or with their employer. Thanks very much for treating me with dignity and respect.

Zulqarnain Ahmad gave Law Partners a
review on Google

Chantille and Scarlett made this whole experience for me as smooth as something like this could be. They were very quick to respond to my questions or concerns and were very up front about the costs involved. I would recommend them.

Peter gave Law Partners a
review on Google

I am very pleased with the services provided by Law Partners and would highly recommend their service. Minaa and Vicky are incredibly professional and are ready to go beyond expectations. Thank you very much.

Minaa is an incredible Lawyer with patience and compassion and always has a sense of urgency in responding to queries. Communication was always clear and professional and I have always felt looked after.

Initially I was hesitant to go down a legal matter but my experience with Law Partners has made me feel very supported. Minaa and Vicky have worked hard to ensure a best possible outcome on my behalf to settle my case. I am very grateful for all the efforts made from the team and a special thank you to Minaa and Vicky.

Vida G gave Law Partners a
review on Google

I truly can’t thank the team at Law Partners enough. The amazing work that Jennifer and her team and Elyse and her team are doing for me is appreciated beyond what I can convey here in a short review.

The friendly, thorough and professional manner in which they’ve all approached my case has helped me tremendously during this difficult period in my life.

Adam gave Law Partners a
review on Google

Very satisfied with the outcome of my claim. Gillian, Melissa and all staff I dealt with during my case were professional and caring and did an amazing job dealing with an insurance company to get my compensation payout. So glad I chose Law Partners.

Jacquilyne T gave Law Partners a
review on Google

​Thank you for the final paperwork and the transfer of funds into my account. After my car accident I was advised by my grandson’s girlfriend who is a solicitor, to get the services of a compensation law firm. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending your company to anyone who might need a law firm in the future.

D Barnes gave Law Partners a
review on Google

I came to Law Partners because they specialise in compensation. My lawyer made me feel very comfortable and gave fantastic advice. I am 110% satisfied with the result, I got a better result than expected after following my lawyer’s advice. I would have no hesitation in recommending Law Partners to others.

Marseill W gave Law Partners a
review on Google

I came to Law Partners to pursue a compensation claim and I found their delivery of service excellent and efficient. They constantly kept me up to date with the progress of my claim. I couldn’t imagine finding a better solicitor to handle my claim.

Janette C gave Law Partners a
review on Google

After an injury that totally removed me from the workforce my future was bleak. I approached several Law companies receiving very little guidance, then I found Law Partners. With my settlement I keep my home and possessions and family intact. I also have good friends for life in the team at Law Partners.

Derek H gave Law Partners a
review on Google

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to my solicitor and the other Law Partners’ staff who assisted my children and myself since our car accident in 2012. I am certain that any positive and useful result would not have been achieved without your efforts, assistance and dedication to our cases.

Kylie J gave Law Partners a
review on Google

Thank you and all your staff for the help you have provided in these trying times. I was feeling pretty negative about my future but after my first meeting with my lawyer I knew I had someone on my side who really wanted to help me. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending you to anyone who needs your services.

Cem O gave Law Partners a
review on Google

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Law Partners for their services. The outcome was excellent and right from the first meeting to the last, Law Partners made the whole process feel seamless and effortless! I was pretty uncertain at first choosing a lawyer but so glad I chose Law Partners.

Shani D gave Law Partners a
review on Google

I just wanted to say thank you for everything Law Partners have done for my family and I over the last 18 or so months. Thank you so much for handling our case with the utmost professionalism and thank you for always being just a phone call or email away to answer our questions and give us a great result.

Lee G gave Law Partners a
review on Google

Medical negligence FAQs.

If you’ve been injured or become ill because your treatment fell below the standard of care and skill that a reasonable professional would have provided in the same circumstances, then it’s likely to be medical negligence.

If medical negligence has caused you to suffer any loss, such as lost wages or additional treatment or care expenses, then it’s likely you can claim medical negligence compensation.

Some common injuries may include birth defects such as cerebral palsy, radiology negligence, wrongful death, eye surgery complications, or Cauda Equina caused by medical negligence.

Yes, you can call us and get free advice over the phone. If it looks like you have a case, we can fund your medical negligence claim including the expert medical reports needed as evidence, and you’ll only need to pay us if we win.

We don’t just process claims. We’ll match you with a specialist medical negligence lawyer, build a personal relationship with you and your family, and look beyond your obvious injuries to claim absolutely everything you’re entitled to, including any lump sums. This makes a big difference to the amount of compensation you receive.

A no win no fee medical negligence lawyer offers to run your case for you and only get paid when you win. If you choose the right lawyer, it’s an excellent option that allows you to pursue your claim without any risk, but it’s important to check the lawyer’s costs agreement to fully understand what’s covered. With some no win no fee lawyers you can still end up having to pay thousands of dollars in disbursements if your case is unsuccessful. This is because their no win no fee agreements cover their professional fees but not the costs they incur. At Law Partners, our no win no fee, no disbursements guarantee covers all our costs and disbursements as well as our professional fees, so you can pursue your claim with peace of mind.

Medical negligence claims are complex, so it’s important to get good advice and engage the services of a specialist medical negligence lawyer. Your lawyer will engage one or more medical experts who have experience in medical negligence to carry out assessments, review your medical records and provide a report detailing how your treatment was negligent.

We’ll manage this process for you, and we’ll cover the medical experts’ costs, so you won’t have to pay anything out of your own pocket.

If your medical negligence claim is denied by the insurer, we then commence proceedings to take the matter to mediation. It’s at this stage that most claims are resolved and a settlement (i.e. a medical negligence payout to you) is agreed upon. In the minority of cases where a settlement isn’t reached, we’ll advise you about taking your claim to court to pursue compensation.

You must lodge your statement of claim within three years of the claim being discoverable. However, long-stop periods and considerations can be given to children and people with disabilities. If you’ve exceeded a time limitation, it may be possible for us to argue that the injury was not discoverable until a later date. You can speak with one of our specialist medical negligence lawyers to get advice on your situation.

Even if you’ve spoken to another lawyer and been told you don’t have a claim, you can call us for a second opinion. Our medical negligence lawyers have successfully pursued many claims that were rejected by other lawyers.

Why should I choose a Law Partners medical negligence lawyer in Parramatta?

Caring for our clients drives everything we do – that’s why hundreds of Australians every year choose Law Partners for their medical negligence claims.

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We’ll match you with a Parramatta medical negligence lawyer who specialises in claims like yours.

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We’ll build a personal relationship with you and your family to make sure we understand the true impact medical negligence has had on your life.

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Your Parramatta medical negligence lawyer and team will check in with you regularly and always keep you up to date with your case.

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We win over 99% of our cases and pride ourselves in winning more compensation.

Do I have a case?

Our senior lawyers will assess your case for free.

Find out more about medical negligence.

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As a personal injury law firm, we see first-hand every day the psychological damage that a lack of empathy can cause. So we’re committed to promoting more empathy in the world, and sharing stories of the positive impact it can have.

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