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Law Partners opens a brand new office in Port Macquarie.

General Counsel Roger Firth leads the team to help the local community get the compensation they deserve. Law Partners, Australia’s largest specialist personal injury law firm, is proud to announce the opening of our new office [...]
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Surgeons performing a risky operation that could lead to a medical negligence claim

Dr. Charlie Teo News – Could it Lead to Medical Negligence Claims?  

On July 12, 2023, Elizabeth Utting, Managing Solicitor of Law Partners’ Medical Negligence team, was interviewed by 10 News for their evening news story on Dr Charlie Teo and the judgement of the professional standards [...]
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Reception area of the Ringwood office. The front desk has an orchid on the left and Law Partners fliers on the right. There is a blue sign on the wall that says Law Partners in white writing.

Law Partners Enjoys Newly Updated Ringwood Office.

At Law Partners we pride ourselves on providing the best possible services to our clients so that we can achieve the best possible outcomes, and that all stems from the basics. We’re thrilled to announce [...]
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23 February 2023

Law Partners Awarded Personal Injury Law Firm of the Year.

Law Partners is incredibly proud and honoured to be awarded the Personal Injury Law Firm of the Year at the 2022 Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards. It’s the first time the firm has claimed the prestigious [...]
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Compensation lawyer Melbourne

Law Partners Bolsters its Victoria Presence.

Law Partners, Australia’s largest specialist personal injury firm, is proud to announce the expansion of its Victoria operation. The firm recognises the need for Victorians to have greater access to specialised and experienced personal injury [...]
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Law Partners Newcastle office

Law Partners Provides Specialised and Local Compensation Lawyers: Port Macquarie and Newcastle

Law Partners provides specialised and local compensation lawyers: Port Macquarie and Newcastle Law Partners has answered the call of injured Australians residing in Newcastle and Port Macquarie regions by providing experienced, specialised and local personal [...]
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Man with a band-aid after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine

Claiming Compensation for a Serious Adverse Reaction to a COVID-19 Vaccination.

For the majority of people who get a COVID-19 vaccination, any adverse reaction is likely to be mild and only last a day or two. But what happens if you get an adverse reaction that’s [...]
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Woman working from home suffering from an injury and eligible for a workers compensation claim.

The 5 Common Working From Home Injuries.

If you’re one of the record 2.5 million Australians currently working from home full-time, occupational health and safety may not be your highest priority or concern. However, emergency department presentations due to household injuries have [...]
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Man Working From Home Feeling Stressed.

How to Manage Work Stress When Working From Home.

Adjusting to major change is rarely easy and for many of Australians, the changes associated with the impact of COVID-19 are some of the most challenging we will ever see. For approximately 2.5 million Australians [...]
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Woman working from home unaware of workers compensation entitlements.

Working From Home – Your Employer’s Responsibilities.

A basic right that all Australians enjoy is the comfort in knowing that when you go to work you’re in a safe environment. It’s your employer’s obligation to ensure your workplace presents no obvious hazard [...]
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Working from home office.

Working From Home – Are You Safe?

With more Australians working from home than ever before in what’s been widely dubbed as the ‘new normal’ following the outbreak of COVID-19, your home office design and ergonomic workstation setup has never been more [...]
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Landmark Reality TV Workers Compensation Case Against Channel 7.

Why TV Contestant’s Workers Compensation Victory Against Channel 7 Could ‘Open The Door to More’.

In a landmark ruling by the NSW Workers Compensation Commission, a former contestant on Channel Seven’s renovation show House Rules has won her case against the network over the psychological injury she developed after her [...]
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Construction worker who sustained a work injury anxious about being terminated.

Can You Be Sacked After Suffering a Workplace Injury?

“You’re terminated!” They’re the two words nobody, under any circumstances, ever wants to hear or receive in writing. The flow-on effect from losing a job can be catastrophic – potentially leaving you financially unstable, emotionally [...]
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Celebrities who suffered a serious injury on TV.

Aussie Celebrities Who Suffered Serious Injuries on TV.

Television can make us laugh, it can make us cry, it can educate us and it can also shock us. And nothing shocks us more than witnessing an unscripted accident which results in serious injury. [...]
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Turia Pitt Telling Her Story.
29 May 2019

Three Great Aussie Comeback Stories That Are Sure to Inspire.

Australians are known for many things. Their love for family, larikinism, and the desire to crank up an open-flame barbie at the height of summer. Yes, there are a lot of great things synonymous with [...]
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Top 10 worst roads in NSW.

The Top 10 Worst Roads in NSW.

Pot holes, narrow exits and poor infrastructure, even low visibility signage – are common hazards on our roads that can significantly contribute to motor vehicle accidents. Sure, human error is quite often a cause of [...]
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Moana Hope On Being A Carer To Her Sister.
2 April 2019

Three Aussie Athletes And Their Incredible Acts of Kindness.

The life of an elite athlete can be glamorous – often filled with success, fame and fortune. And by that same token, they’re often perceived as being, conceited, selfish and out of touch with the [...]
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Man Injured In A Motor Vehicle Accident Potentially Eligible For CTP Compensation.

The Four Crucial Factors Causing Car Accident Injuries You Need to Know.

With summer well and truly here we can’t help but look forward to the warmer weather, barbeques and some much needed time off. But as is the case every year as we get ready to [...]
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Can You Claim Workers Compensation If You're Injured At The Christmas Party.

Can I Claim Workers Compensation if I Get Injured at The Christmas Party?

After a long and gruelling work year, there’s no better event to let your hair down and celebrate your achievements alongside your colleagues, than at the annual Christmas party. Alcohol, speeches, dancing are just some [...]
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Motorists in Sydney as they adjust to the NSW CTP scheme.

Injured Miss Out as New CTP Scheme Falls $80 Million Short of Projections.

Despite assurances from the state government that the new CTP scheme would provide more money to injured motorists, alarmingly new statistics reveal the scheme has fallen a whopping $80 million short of projections. The new [...]
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Farmer on a tractor susceptible to a work injury.

What’s Sending so Many of Our Farmers to The ER?

For more than 93,000 families across Australia living on a farm is something they wouldn’t trade for anything. Fresh air, wide open spaces and starry nights – it’s not too difficult to see why so [...]
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Indoor trampoline injuries and public liability compensation.

Soaring Injury Rates Spark Trampoline Park Public Liability Debate.

With close to 100 centres built Australia-wide in the past six years, trampolining is now one of the fastest-growing and most popular recreational pastimes in the country. And it’s not hard to see why. A [...]
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Police and PTSD workers compensation laws.

Why New PTSD Laws in Tasmania Could Revolutionize Workers Compensation Australia-Wide.

The Tasmanian government has remarkably moved to change the workers compensation laws to make claiming workers compensation for a psychological injury much easier for public sector workers, with the hope that other states follow suit. [...]
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A personal injury lawyer meeting with a client to discuss details of a claim.
24 September 2018

Why You Shouldn’t be Scared to Meet With a Personal Injury Lawyer.

In life no one day is ever the same, but there are parts of certain days where we expect things to happen. You go to work on a Tuesday and expect your meeting that’s scheduled [...]
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