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Aussie Celebrities Who Suffered Serious Injuries on TV.

Television can make us laugh, it can make us cry, it can educate us and it can also shock us.

And nothing shocks us more than witnessing an unscripted accident which results in serious injury.

Celebrities who suffered a serious injury on TV.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen numerous examples of this over the years particularly with the rise of reality television.

Here are three unforgettable examples where Aussie celebrities were certainly left worse for wear after agreeing to engage in what can only be described as ‘risky’ activities on TV.

Ben Ross (The Footy Show – broken and dislocated arm)

Former star rugby league player Ben Ross sustained some devastating injuries throughout his career including several torn knee ligaments and a ruptured disc in his neck that nearly left him paralysed. But according to the former front-rower, nothing can compare to the pain and mental anguish he experienced after suffering a horrendous arm break on live TV back in 2015.

Ross was making an appearance on Channel Nine’s The Footy Show competing in an arm wrestling segment for charity. He took to the stage and squared off with fellow former NRL star Wendell Sailor when things went horribly wrong. Ross’ arm gave-way as he was pushing the opposite direction and a loud snap was heard which was the fracture and dislocation of the former athlete’s humerous bone. The live program quickly cut to a commercial break as Ross sunk to the floor in agony.

Ross sustained multiple fractures in the arm that has since required four operations and has left him with permanent nerve damage and severely reduced range of motion in the limb. But it’s Ross’ mental health that has suffered the most out of the ordeal. According to the premiership winner he constantly experiences flashbacks of the publically broadcast incident and his daily limitations are a constant reminder of the trauma.

Reports surfaced in 2017 that Ross was exploring his options regarding compensation, but it hasn’t been confirmed whether he went down that path.

Ross Clarke-Jones (Survivor Australia – broken ankle)

Renowned big wave surfer Ross Clarke-Jones is no stranger to injury or putting himself in harm’s way having spent the majority of his life chasing the biggest swells around the world. However, he probably didn’t expect to suffer a nasty leg break on the shores of Fiji when he agreed to take part in the 2019 instalment of Survivor: Champions vs Contenders.

After surviving over 25 days on the show, the 53-year-old, along with his fellow contestants, took part in an obstacle challenged that required a rope-swinging from one platform to the other. When Clarke-Jones attempted the swing, the rope broke off from its anchor point causing him to crash heavily to the ground. The on-hand medical staff were quickly deployed to attend to Clarke-Jones who was visibly distressed.

The surfer was immediately transported to hospital where scans revealed that he had suffered a brake of the lower leg that required surgical intervention. Clarke-Jones was forced to leave the show and the horrific injury has kept him out of the surf for over six months.

Hugh Jackman (Oprah Downunder – eye socket)

There’s no doubting that Oprah Winfrey is a global icon and her talk show was one of the most watched not only within the United States but around the world. So understandably, it was a very big deal when she decided to bring her show along with 302 audience members to Australia to film four special episodes back 2010.

Keen to make a big impact, acclaimed Australian actor Hugh Jackman was one of the show’s marquee guests and decided he needed to make a memorable entry to mark his appearance on the show. His entrance was certainly memorable but not for the reason he was hoping for.

Jackman attempted to enter the outdoor stage from the top of the Sydney Opera House on a 100-metre flying fox. The actor came flying down the cable wire but activated the brake too late and failed to stop in time, crashing into the stage’s light fixtures. The 6000 audience members in attendance along with Oprah gasped as Jackman dangled helplessly 10 metres above the stage holding his face in pain as he remarked; “I’m not 100 per cent, actually”.

Jackman was assisted down the flying fox and paramedics immediately treated him. His eye swelled and despite continuing on with his scheduled appearance on the show, Jackman was diagnosed with blood in the eye and haematoma of the eye socket.

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