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The Top 10 Worst Roads in NSW.

Pot holes, narrow exits and poor infrastructure, even low visibility signage – are common hazards on our roads that can significantly contribute to motor vehicle accidents.

Top 10 worst roads in NSW.

Sure, human error is quite often a cause of motor vehicle accidents but it’s these road hazards that can significantly increase the likelihood of human error which can lead to injury.

And who better to determine the most hazardous and frustrating roads in NSW than the people who use them everyday.

According to the latest NRMA Business Member and Rate Your Road survey, which polled 23,000 NRMA members, road congestion ranked as the number one issue impacting road users’ lives – with a whopping 83 percent of the belief that traffic has increased over the past 12 months.

And when it comes to the worst road in the state, the people couldn’t go past the M5 at Moorebank – which racked up a whopping 510 votes due to the extreme congestion which builds up during peak time.

Not too far behind is Epping Road in Ryde, Pacific Highway at Coffs Harbour and Parramatta Road at Ashfield – all roads flagged as bottlenecks not equipped to handle the number vehicles passing through each and every day.

The perceived increase in congestion is also burning a hole in road users’ pockets with 66 percent believing they’re using more fuel as a result of the growing congestion on NSW roads.

According to the survey, Barton Highway in the ACT is the most hazardous road in the state. The ‘death trap’ as it’s been described by residents over the years, has unfortunately seen more than 20 fatalities recorded since 1997, the most recent of which occurred in May last year when two women in their thirties lost their lives while six others were seriously injured in the head-on crash.

Upgrades to this road between Yass and the ACT border have been made since early 2018 including tree trimming, adjustments to existing line-marking and installation of safety barriers, but the survey clearly indicates more needs to be done.

Top 10 worst roads in NSW (NRMA Rate Your Road Survey)

1. M5 at Moorebank (congestion) 2. Epping Rd at Ryde (congestion) 3. Pacific Hwy at Coffs Harbour (congestion) 4. Parramatta Rd at Ashfield (congestion) 5. Pennant Hills Rd at Ku-Ring-Gai (congestion) 6. Windsor Rd Hills District (congestion) 7. Lane Cove Rd at Ryde (congestion) 8. Military Rd at Mosman (congestion) 9. Barton Hwy in the ACT (safety) 10. Pacific Hwy at Ku-Ring-Gai (congestion)

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