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Injured Miss Out as New CTP Scheme Falls $80 Million Short of Projections.

Despite assurances from the state government that the new CTP scheme would provide more money to injured motorists, alarmingly new statistics reveal the scheme has fallen a whopping $80 million short of projections.

Motorists in Sydney as they adjust to the NSW CTP scheme.

The new CTP scheme which came into effect in December 2017, has returned just $50 million to injured road users compared to the $130 million projection according to the recent figures released by State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA).

The new scheme was brought in to deliver statutory benefits to injured road users with the added intention of limiting the involvement of personal injury lawyers.

But according to Greens MP David Shoebridge, the reforms have not delivered on promises and the move to essentially prevent individuals from engaging the services of a personal lawyer is robbing them of their rights and entitlements.

“There clearly is a problem here with a very significant underpayment of statutory benefits,” Mr Shoebridge told Fairfax Media.

“The regulator, SIRA, has a lot to answer for. They have utterly failed to inform motorists of the new no-fault benefits that are available.

“Lawyers are the best placed to inform people of their rights and then help them to claim their fair benefits.”

Every year in NSW, more than 22,000 people are injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

The CTP scheme is managed by the insurance companies who make your compensation payments – they are judge and jury on your claim. But if you follow a few simple tips, you can dramatically increase how much compensation you receive. Visit CTP Claim Advice to get the information you need to claim your full entitlements or give us a call now to speak to a specialist CTP solicitor.

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