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Client Stories: Motor Vehicle Accident

Stories and Insights

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Woman looking out the window.

Pedestrian’s $200,000 Payout After Witnessing Traumatic Accident.

Brooklyn struggled with her mental health on and off for most of her life, but when she hit her thirties, she finally felt like she was in a good place. She spent lots of her [...]
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Mother awarded lump sum TAC payout

Brisbane Resident Awarded $230,000 TAC Payout in Victoria.

While on an interstate trip to visit a friend, an unexpected accident turned Grace’s life upside down. Grace had flown down from her home in Brisbane to spend the weekend in Melbourne with her friend [...]
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A Chinese woman and her mother smiling outdoors

Cleaner Injured on a Public Bus Awarded $250K Payout.

Public transport is simply a part of life for hundreds of thousands of Australians, and no one ever expects things to go wrong. Zhang Wei was 68 years old when she was injured on a [...]
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Western Sydney man awarded $200K CTP payout.

Western Sydney Man Awarded $200K CTP Payout.

A family man and motorcycle enthusiast has received almost $200,000 in compensation after a being rear-ended by an SUV driver on his phone. Joe, a 53-year-old construction worker from western Sydney, called the result ‘justice’ [...]
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CTP payout provides welcome relief for mum.

$1M Payout Provides Welcome Relief After Car Crash Nightmare for Mum.

She faced more than her fair share of challenges, but Layla certainly had a handle on things. The 55-year-old single mum juggled work, caring for her three kids including a son, James, with Cerebral Palsy, [...]
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Law Partners Client Stories Sasha's Story.

Sasha’s Story: The Phone Call You Never Want to Get.

Sasha and Tony woke up one weekday morning expecting things to proceed as normal. Get the kids ready for swimming training, school and then they’re off to work. Unfortunately, that’s not the way things panned [...]
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Client Stories Halina And Her Successful CTP Claim.

Even Halina’s Doctor Made Fun of Her.

When you’re in a vulnerable situation, asking for help can be tough, particularly if you’re a proud professional like Halina. Despite her pride, Halina knew there was no way to get back on her feet [...]
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Client Stories Halina And Her Successful CTP Claim.

Halina’s Story: When New Beginnings Emerge From a Life-Shattering Moment.

As an Intensive Care Unit doctor, it was Halina’s job to save lives. But in a cruel twist of fate, a horrific highway accident left her with devastating injuries and saw her become a patient [...]
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