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If you’re unable to work due to injury or illness, you may be entitled to make a TPD claim through your super fund.

Our Sydney TPD lawyers are experts in superannuation claims. If you need help with yours, get in touch. We’ve helped thousands of people make successful claims, and we win over 99% of our cases.

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Our Sydney office is located in the Citigroup Centre on the corner of George Street and Park Street, near Town Hall station. The lobby entrance is on Park Street opposite Woolworths

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Meet our Sydney TPD lawyers.

With Law Partners, you don’t just get a personal injury specialist – you get a specialist in TPD claims just like yours. Your local Sydney team will work hard for you, check in with you regularly, and always keep you up to date with your case.

You’re in safe hands with Australia’s largest specialist personal injury firm.

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We understand that being unable to work due to an injury or illness may be causing you financial stress, and we’re here to help.

It costs nothing to find out how much you can claim. And when you choose Law Partners, your TPD lawyer in Sydney will get to know you personally and uncover all your entitlements.

A successful TPD claim needs to be backed by watertight proof that your injury or illness meets the criteria in your policy. Our TPD lawyers in Sydney know what it takes to maximise your claim, and we have a network of hand-picked medico legal specialists who work with us to build successful cases.

We’ll prepare your claim thoroughly and get your lump sum payout for you in the shortest possible timeframe.

Our TPD lawyers are here to help you with:

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New TPD claims.

If you haven’t lodged your TPD claim yet, we’ll take care of the whole process for you, and you won’t have to pay us until you receive your lump sum.

TPD claim rejected by Insurer

Not sure if you’re eligible to claim.

If you’re not sure whether you’re eligible to make a TPD claim, our Sydney TPD lawyers can look at your policy and let you know. It’s a free service.

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Claims rejected by insurers.

If you’re having difficulty getting your TPD claim approved, our Sydney TPD claim lawyers can assess your situation over the phone and provide free advice.

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Need help understanding entitlements.

If you’re just having trouble understanding your TPD entitlements, our Sydney TPD lawyers can review your policy and explain it to you in simple terms, free of charge.

TPD and superannuation FAQs.

TPD (total and permanent disability) is a type of insurance that provides you with a payment if you’re forced to stop work. When you make a TPD claim you’re claiming a lump sum payment on top of your superannuation fund balance.

If you’ve ever paid into a super fund, it’s likely you have TPD insurance connected to your super. If you’ve been off work for three or more months due to injury or illness, with no prospect of returning to work, then you may be eligible to make a TPD claim.

It’s important to note that the definition of TPD varies between policies – for example, your policy might cover you for:

  • Being unlikely to be able to return to work in your occupation.
  • Being unlikely to be able to return to work in any occupation.

A successful TPD claim needs to be backed by proof that you meet the criteria outlined in your TPD insurance policy. If the insurance assessor decides you don’t meet the criteria, your TPD claim will be rejected.

Yes, if you have more than one TPD policy, you may be able to make multiple TPD claims – one for each policy. This is quite a common situation, as many people have multiple superannuation funds as a result of changing jobs over the years and may have a TPD policy through each fund. Making a successful TPD super claim against one policy has no effect on any other TPD insurance you may have, but you’ll need to submit a separate claim against each policy.

A TPD payout is not classed as taxable income, but if you withdraw any part of your TPD payout from your super fund as a lump sum, you may have to pay “superannuation lump sum withdrawal tax”. The amount payable is different for everyone, and if you have multiple super funds, the amount will be different for each fund you make a withdrawal from.

You can make your own claim without using a TPD claim lawyer. However, it’s common for people to have their TPD claims rejected by insurers because they fail to submit a thorough application, including all the documents and medical records needed to substantiate their claims. In other words, many people simply complete the application forms and assume their claim will be approved. But if you do that and fail to supply all the evidence needed to support your claim, it’s like the insurer will either reject your claim or keep asking you for more information, and the process can really drag on. This is why so many people who handle their own claims end up failing to get the TPD compensation they’re entitled to – they simply give up out of frustration.

A specialist TPD claim lawyer can compile all the evidence and submit your claim on your behalf, so the insurance assessor has all the information they need and you’re more likely to get your TPD claim approved.

It can be hard to know how much TPD cover you have, as you may have multiple super funds and TPD policies from changing jobs over the years. If you can’t work and you’re not sure about your cover, call us and we’ll find out for you. It’s a free service.

When claims are simply ‘processed’, important details can be missed. We’ll match you with a specialist TPD lawyer, build a personal relationship with you and your family, and look beyond your obvious injuries or illness to claim everything you’re entitled to. This can make a big difference to the amount of compensation you receive.

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Your Sydney TPD lawyer will ask more questions and get to know you personally to work out everything you’re entitled to.

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We’ll offer to start your claim.

We’ll explain how we can claim the maximum TPD payment for you and give you our ‘no win no fee’ guarantee. You decide if you want to proceed – there’s no obligation.

TPD claim stories

Making a TPD claim changed my life.

Shannelle, Trevor and Regina, like so many injured Australians, were completely unaware that they were eligible to make a TPD claim before they contacted Law Partners. Watch the video to find out how a TPD payout changed their lives.

Why should I choose Law Partners TPD lawyers in Sydney?

Caring for our clients drives everything we do – that’s why thousands of Australians every year choose Law Partners.

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We win over 99% of our cases and pride ourselves in getting the maximum possible TPD payout for our clients.

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Our senior lawyers will assess your case for free.

Find out more about TPD compensation.

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