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Tanya’s Story.

There’s nothing more important than your health. So when issues arise that potentially threaten your wellbeing, you rightly place your trust in medical professionals. But what happens when trusted medical professionals fail to treat you with the right care or skill you deserve, resulting in injury or illness? This is what’s commonly known as medical negligence or malpractice. And although claims like these aren’t simple to prove, individuals who’ve fallen victim to this type of situation are often entitled to sue and receive much-needed compensation. Tanya’s story is one of many successful medical negligence claims we’ve handled.

After being referred to numerous specialists and surgeons Tanya was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis in her wrist. Following her diagnosis, Tanya’s doctor prescribed a medication known as Sulfasalazine – a drug that can cause complications for certain individuals – without testing her blood first. As a result, Tanya developed a skin rash and nausea, and was admitted to hospital where she demonstrated abnormal liver function and contracted a skin swelling condition known as Stevens-Johnson syndrome. It was at this point Tanya turned to Law Partners and met with one of our senior lawyers.

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Getting to know Tanya and her family

Prior to her extreme reaction to the prescribed medication, Tanya prided herself on being an active mum to her three children. She loved her physical fitness and would regularly visit the gym and run socially. However Tanya’s solicitor and his team soon discovered that Tanya’s active lifestyle was dramatically impacted. Her skin condition stopped her from spending extended periods outside in the sun and the development of chronic lethargy forced her to rely on her partner and children for physical support.


Tanya’s successful claim

The good news is that eventually Tanya made a strong recovery, however this made it difficult to claim damages and meant Tanya’s case was one that many solicitors wouldn’t take on. We completely understood the physical and emotional struggle Tanya had experienced as well as the significant financial losses she had suffered, so we made a commitment to her that we would do everything possible to support her despite the risks. After taking time to fully understand Tanya’s personal circumstances and the impact her condition had had on her life, our team built a strong case around expert medical evidence. They succeeded in winning damages for Tanya, so that she could continue focussing on her recovery and enjoying her active lifestyle once again.

Clients' names and images have been changed to protect their privacy.

How can I claim medical negligence compensation?

Before medical negligence can occur, there must be a duty in the circumstance for the medical professional to take care of the patient – this is known as “duty of care”. If the behaviour of the medical professional didn’t meet the appropriate standard of care, and the patient suffered injury or loss, then this is a “breach of duty”.

Time limitations do apply for medical negligence claims. In NSW you must lodge your “initiating claim” within three years from the date of injury or diagnosis. However long-stop periods and considerations are given to children and people with disabilities. If you’ve exceeded a time limitation, time extensions might be available, so you should speak with a specialist medical negligence lawyer who can provide you an assessment of your situation.

What can I claim for?

You might be able to claim compensation for lost income, medical expenses, travel expenses, domestic assistance, pain and suffering, permanent impairment and future losses.

How do I make sure I get my full entitlements?

There’s one factor that will ultimately determine how much compensation you receive – and that’s how well your lawyer gets to know you personally. At first glance the consequences of your injuries might seem obvious. But our lawyers will take the time to find out more about you, your family and what your life was like before your injury. For many of our clients, their injuries have led to other complications and health issues. It’s only through taking the time to understand your situation that a lawyer can successfully claim all the compensation you’re entitled to and deserve.

Why trust my claim with Law Partners?

Caring for our clients drives everything we do – that’s why thousands of Australians every year choose Law Partners. When we started Law Partners we introduced a fresh, client-focussed approach to the industry, and we continue to set the standard in client service today. By getting to know you and your family personally, we can really understand how your life has been affected and get you more compensation. We win over 99% of our cases and we’ll fund your case for you, giving you a no-risk way to pursue your claim.

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