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Client Stories: Workers Compensation

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Bullied Male Teacher Receives Workers Compensation Payout

Bullied Teacher Awarded $500k Compensation Payout

A devoted former high school teacher has been successful in his workers compensation bullying claim and awarded a $500,000 payout. Colin, 51, feels as though a ‘dark cloud above his head has finally disappeared’ as he [...]
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Worker Hit By A Falling Object Awarded $350k Workers Compensation Payout

Worker hit by falling object awarded $350k payout

A disastrous fitness store work injury ordeal has resulted in a $350,000 compensation payout to a former employee. Callum, 42, is extremely relieved to see ‘justice prevail’ but admits the outcome would have been a [...]
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Terry An Amputee Putting On His Prosthetic Leg.

What It’s Really Like to Live on Compensation.

There’s an assumption that exists in society that anyone who claims compensation is a ‘bludger’ who is rorting the system to make a quick buck. This generalisation is not only inaccurate but is hurting and [...]
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Terry An Amputee Putting On His Prosthetic Leg.

Terry’s Story: A Horrible Fall Leads to a Life-Changing Decision.

Former executive chef Terry loved nothing more than to hit the greens and play a round of golf. But one fateful Saturday his life was turned upside down when a five-metre fall onto concrete left [...]
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Law Partners client story Darryl.

Darryl’s story: An inspirational tale of overcoming hardship.

Our nation is full of hard working and genuine Aussie battlers who have the capacity to overcome adversity, but at the same time, aren’t afraid to seek help. Darryl epitomises this great Aussie spirit, and [...]
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