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Terry’s Story: A Horrible Fall Leads to a Life-Changing Decision.

Former executive chef Terry loved nothing more than to hit the greens and play a round of golf. But one fateful Saturday his life was turned upside down when a five-metre fall onto concrete left him with a horrific leg injury that forced him to make the unenviable decision to battle through infection or amputate his leg.

Terry’s Story is real, confronting, inspiring and reaffirms the power of positivity and family in overcoming extreme adversity.

Everyone here at Law Partners is so proud of Terry and his family and we’re honoured to bring you his story.

At Law Partners we strive to be a support network to thousands of Australians just like Terry who have suffered an injury that has greatly impacted their life.

We understand that no one plans to get injured and sometimes accidents happen that can significantly change not only the life of the person involved but also those closest to them.

If you’ve been injured and are seeking help with your injury claim, give us a call and speak to one of our specialist compensation lawyers for free advice today.

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