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TPD Lawyers – how to make a successful TPD claim.

If you’re unable to work because of an injury or illness and you’re unlikely to return to work in the future, you might be able to claim a total permanent disability (TPD) lump sum through a TPD insurance payout. With the right specialist TPD lawyers on your side, the process can be surprisingly simple and the payouts can be substantial.

How much money can TPD claim lawyers help me get?

TPD lump sum payout amounts typically range between $60,000 and $300,000. Your insured benefit amount will be clearly identified on your superannuation member statement if it has an attached TPD policy.

What’s a TPD lump sum?

A TPD lump sum is money that’s paid to you in the event that a permanent injury or illness makes it difficult or impossible for you to return to work. It’s a financial safety net that many Australians have through their superannuation funds. Unfortunately, many don’t even realise they have TPD insurance and fail to claim lump sums they’re entitled to. For more information, read our TPD Claims Guide

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Do I need to use TPD lawyers to claim?

No, you can make your own claim without using total and permanent disability claim lawyers, but there are a number of reasons why you should consider using a specialist TPD lawyer

Putting it simply, by using TPD claim lawyers you‘ll have a better chance of your lump sum payout being approved. The key to making a successful TPD claim is completing a thorough application and providing all the necessary documents. It’s also important to make a written submission to the superannuation fund explaining why your claim should be approved. So, having TPD insurance lawyers on your side will make the process a lot easier and is very likely to get you a better result.

Key benefits of TPD lawyers

TPD lawyers can also check your superannuation funds and find out what cover you have. If you have multiple superannuation funds, they can also help you make multiple TPD claims. Other things you should consider include:

  • Time limits for TPD claims
  • Minimum wait periods
  • Whether you meet work history requirements
  • Your age
  • Your evidence and whether it’s good enough
  • Any exclusions or eligibility clauses in your TPD insurance policy

These are all things that the best TPD lawyers can help you with and improve your chances of making a successful TPD claim.

How long do TPD claims take?

TPD claims generally take 6—12 months to finalise, and they can require a lot of work and attention. By using TPD claim lawyers, you’re ensuring your claim is detailed and accurate and has the best possible chance of success.

Can I make multiple TPD claims?

Yes, if you have multiple superannuation funds you might have multiple TPD policies – if so, it’s likely you can claim lump sums from every policy. So the amount you’re entitled to might be substantial and a TPD lawyer will make sure you get every last cent you’re owed.

When you make a TPD claim, you’re claiming a lump sum payment on top of your superannuation account balance. If your claim is successful, you’ll usually have the option of withdrawing this lump sum from your superannuation account together with your existing superannuation balance.

Can TPD lawyers help me if my claim is rejected?

If your claim is rejected, don’t worry—TPD claim lawyers can still help you by challenging the insurers decision. Although each TPD claim is different, common reasons for rejection include:

  • Not meeting minimum waiting periods
  • Not meeting work history requirements
  • Insufficient evidence or a dispute over evidence
  • Not meeting the required level of disability that your policy requires

No matter what reason you get for a TPD claim rejection, it’s worth seeking professional help from TPD lawyers. It may be that you didn’t provide enough evidence in your application or that you didn’t describe your illness or injury well enough.

With help from lawyers who specialise in total permanent disability claims, you may be able to get the insurer’s decision reversed. There are a few options here, including:

  • Appealing the insurer’s decision and providing new evidence
  • Submitting a complaint to your insurance provider
  • Lodging a complaint with your insurer’s internal dispute service
  • Submitting a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service

The good news is that TPD claims are often successfully appealed – here’s a link to a success story

How much do TPD lawyers charge?

Some TPD lawyers will offer to manage your claim on a no win no fee basis, which means you’ll only have to pay them after your claim is successful. The amount they charge will depend on the complexity of your claim, but the costs will be outlined in a costs agreement prior to any work being done on your behalf. So it makes sense to talk to a TPD lawyer and find out what you might be eligible to claim, then review their costs agreement and decide if you want to proceed with the claim.

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