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Common Law Claims – Psychological Injury.

Psychological injuries can be completely debilitating, and sufferers can find it very difficult to continue working. However, if your condition has been primarily caused by your work, you may be entitled to a compensation payout for your psychological injury.

Common Law Claims – Psychological Injury.

Where employers have been negligent and failed to take steps to look after their employees, common law claims for psychological injury may also be available, to provide sufferers with lump sum compensation.

These lump sums can be substantial, so if you’ve developed a psychological condition because of your work, you should take some time to understand your options and how to make a successful psychological injury claim.

Compensation payouts for psychological injury.

There are essentially two steps to the claim process:

Read on to learn more about compensation payouts for psychological injury, and how to get help with your claim.

Am I entitled to make a compensation claim for my psychological injury?

If you have a psychological injury or you’ve developed a psychological condition from your work, it’s likely you can claim workers compensation.

Successful psychological injury claims require a diagnosis of your condition from your GP on your certificate of capacity – for example, ‘Adjustment Disorder’. You’ll also need to show that your diagnosed psychological condition was caused by a particular event or series of events at work, or that work was a significant contributing factor to your condition.

The most common stress-related workers compensation claims in NSW are for:

Some examples of the events that can cause these conditions include:

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What’s a common law claim for psychological injury?

A common law claim, also known as a work injury damages claim, is a claim for a lump sum to cover past and future loss of earnings – compensation for wages and superannuation lost because you have been unable to work or are unable to work into the future. This payment is in addition to your workers compensation payments.

Am I entitled to make a common law claim for psychological injury?

If your diagnosed psychological injury was the result of negligence by your employer, you might be entitled to make a common law claim. To be eligible for this lump sum, you’ll need to:

What is considered negligence by my employer?

Your employer is negligent if they knew about the situation that led to your psychological injury and failed to take action to prevent it. In other words, if they were aware that you were at risk, they had a duty of care to minimise that risk.

For example, if you were the victim of bullying or harassment from your work colleagues, and management knew it was taking place but failed to take steps to prevent it, then your employer could be considered negligent if you developed a psychological injury.

How do I make a common law claim for a psychological injury?

To make a common law claim for a psychological injury in NSW, you’ll need the following information:

If you engage a specialist workers compensation lawyer, your lawyer will run your claim for you, including getting all the necessary reports and compiling the evidence to support your claim.

Make sure you choose a lawyer who has a strong track record with common law claims for psychological injury. Law Partners is Australia’s largest specialist personal injury firm, and we have some of the best workers compensation lawyers in NSW who can manage your claim from start to finish on a no win no fee basis.

How much are compensation payouts for psychological injury?

The amounts you can receive for successful psychological injury claims are summarised below:

These lump sum settlements can be substantial. In the 12 months to May 2022 a total of over $818 million was paid to injured workers in NSW in common law payments and permanent impairment lump sums**.

*For more information see our detailed workers compensation payout guide.
**According to SIRA Open Data, June 2022.

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