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Supermarket Slip and Fall Claims Guide.

Have you been injured in a supermarket slip and fall? If you have, you may be entitled to claim supermarket accident compensation. This guide will help you understand everything you need to know to make a successful claim.

Supermarket slip and fall injury claims

When you go shopping in supermarkets like Coles, Woolworths and Aldi, you go in, look around, buy some products, and leave; you don’t expect to be injured in a slip and fall. But unfortunately, accidents happen. If you’ve been unlucky enough to be involved in a supermarket slip and fall, and you’ve had time off work or you’ve incurred any expenses from your injuries, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Common supermarket slip and fall hazards and injuries

Supermarkets (such as Coles, Woolworth, Aldi and IGA) have a duty of care towards you. This means that they’re obliged by law to make sure that their premises are free from hazards that could harm you. Some of the measures that supermarkets employ may include:

  • Mopping up liquid spills as soon as they happen
  • Clearing up litter and debris, especially broken glass
  • Placing signage down to warn of hazards such as freshly mopped floors
  • Ensuring the supermarket is well lit

Occasionally, supermarkets miss the mark and don’t meet their obligations. This can cause shoppers to slip and sustain various injuries. Some of the more common supermarket slip and fall injuries include minor bruising, soft tissue damage, and sprains. However, more serious supermarket injury claims are for injuries like head injuries, compound fractures, and broken bones.

Hazards don’t just include wet floors and obstructions, though. Faulty or malfunctioning doors, poorly maintained escalators, misplaced entry and exit mats, and dangerously stacked shelves all pose a risk and are all examples of potential supermarket compensation claims.

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Your rights if you’re injured

If you’ve slipped on a floor in a supermarket or been injured in any other way and it was because of the supermarket’s negligence, you should consider making a supermarket accident claim.

For example, if there were no warning signs and you slipped on a wet floor, or something else happened that wasn’t your fault and led to your fall, then it may be that the supermarket was negligent and didn’t meet the duty of care that it owed you.

Even if your supermarket slip and fall injury and the supermarket’s negligence both seem minor at first, you may still be entitled to claim supermarket accident compensation as injures can worsen over time — this is your right under Australian public liability law. For more information, read our Guide to Public Liability Compensation Claims.

What to do if you slip on a floor in a supermarket

Here are some tips to help you build a strong case for your supermarket accident compensation claim:

  • Take photographs of your injuries if they’re visible
  • Take photographs of the accident scene
  • Take photographs of what caused your accident
  • Write down all the details you can remember about your accident
  • Look for CCTV cameras covering the accident scene
  • Get the contact information of any witnesses
  • Keep a record of any expenses caused by the accident (e.g. medical bills)
  • Keep a record of any lost income if you can’t work because of the accident
  • Get a sick note from your employer if you cannot work because of the accident
  • Get an assessment and medical report from your doctor

Can you sue a supermarket for slipping?

In Australia, supermarkets aren’t automatically responsible for injuries. To be successful, public liability claims for supermarkets need to meet these requirements:

  1. It can be proven that the people responsible for the supermarket knew (or should have known) about the wet floor.
  2. It can be proven that your supermarket slip and fall accident could have been avoided if the people responsible took steps to eliminate the slip risk.
  3. You’ve suffered losses as a result of your supermarket accident, such as medical bills or time off work.

In other words, you need to prove that the supermarket was negligent and didn’t meet their duty of care to keep you safe while you were shopping, causing you to have an accident that led to an injury.

If you can prove these things, you have good grounds to make a supermarket injury compensation claim.

Supermarket compensation claims need to be made within three years from the date of injury. If you weren’t aware of your injury at the time of your accident, this three-year window may begin from the date you became aware. In the case of minors or if you have a disability, the claim limit is six years.

How much supermarket accident compensation could I get?

There’s no fixed amount that you can claim. Every supermarket compensation claim is different and is evaluated based on its own circumstances. But public liability claims for supermarkets can easily run into tens of thousands of dollars or more, even where there are only relatively minor injuries.

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