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Law Partners Launches New CTP Compensation Calculator.

Law Partners has launched Australia’s first CTP-specific self assessment calculator for injured road users.

This easy to navigate tool is designed to give those injured in a motor vehicle accident direction and an estimate regarding what they’re entitled to and what they can claim.

Man Injured In A Motor Vehicle Accident Before Using A CTP Compensation Calculator.

The new CTP legislation, which came into effect December 1, 2017, can be difficult to navigate and we’ve seen so many injured road users become overwhelmed and miss out on thousands of dollars in compensation they’re entitled to all because they weren’t aware of their entitlements.

The CTP Compensation Calculator along with the free online resource CTP Claim Advice – seeks to breakdown these barriers and arm you with the information you need to know in order to get the compensation you deserve.

How does the calculator work and how long will it take?

The calculator will take you through 7 steps and ask for basic information about your injuries, earnings, time off work and medical expenses. Then based on that information it will give you an estimate of your compensation entitlements.

The beauty of this innovative tool is that it takes just 90 seconds to provide you with an estimation.

CTP Compensation Calculator

How accurate is it?

The calculator estimate is based on the information you provide and current NSW legislation. The actual amount you’ll receive if you lodge a claim will depend on your personal situation, the insurer’s assessment and your lawyer. So think of this calculator as a way to get an initial estimate, not a final amount.

What do I do after my assessment?

If you think you’d like to proceed with your claim, or if you just have more questions, you can call us for free advice on 13 15 15 and speak to a lawyer. Or if you’d just like more detailed information about your potential claim, you can provide your email address and a full report will be sent to you.

CTP Compensation Calculator

Tanja Maksimovic

Managing Solicitor

An accredited specialist in personal injury law, backed by over 10 years’ experience in assisting injured Australians receive everything they’re entitled to with their motor accident claim.

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