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Why You Shouldn’t be Scared to Meet With a Personal Injury Lawyer.

24 September 2018
A personal injury lawyer meeting with a client to discuss details of a claim.

In life no one day is ever the same, but there are parts of certain days where we expect things to happen.

You go to work on a Tuesday and expect your meeting that’s scheduled for 9am will likely be pushed out to 10am because your boss is generally late on Tuesdays. You step outside and see grey clouds coming in so you decide to go back in and grab an umbrella because it’s a good bet that there’ll be some rain.

Yes, there are so many things we can safely predict, but when it comes to getting injured – it’s almost never expected and most certainly not a choice.

Dealing with an injury that forces you to make changes to your life and take time off work can be the most physically and emotionally draining time of your life.

And to make matters worse, you’ve more than likely never claimed compensation before and the process can certainly be daunting, often leaving you with more questions than answers – like wondering whether you have access to all the relevant information you need?

For many people that sustain an injury through no fault of their own, the thought of engaging a lawyer may seem a little extreme at first, but when it comes to personal injury law – knowledge is most certainly power – and without expert advice claiming the maximum compensation you’re entitled to is almost impossible.

Why you should meet with a personal injury lawyer

The insurer has a team of lawyers:

It may sound obvious but the insurance company dealing with your claim will have a whole specialised legal team dedicated to limiting your compensation. Along with this legal team they also have access to a range of medical professionals.

Meeting with a Law Partners lawyer is obligation free:

If you’re hesitant to attend that initial meeting with a Law Partners solicitor, just remember it’s completely obligation free. Our specialist solicitor will listen to you explain your current situation and provide free legal advice on your claim and if you’re not convinced or happy with what you hear, it won’t cost you a cent.

You won’t pay any fees until we win your case:

Dealing with a personal injury that has forced you off work can leave you financially vulnerable, and finding money to pay for legal representation is the last thing you need. At Law Partners, we offer a No win, no fee guarantee, meaning we’ll cover the costs to prepare and run your case. This is a guarantee you will have in writing so you won’t have to go into your pocket and worry about paying fees until we win your case and you receive your compensation.

Your Law Partners solicitor only practices injury law:

You wouldn’t go see an orthopaedic surgeon about your heart condition, so why would you go to a law firm that doesn’t specialise in injury law? Law Partners is Australia’s largest specialist personal injury firm so you can rest assure that when you meet with one of our solicitors, you’re meeting and being advised by a specialist injury lawyer who is well equipped to let you know exactly where you stand.

If you’ve sustained a personal injury and are unsure about the compensation you’re entitled to, give us a call and speak to one of our specialist lawyers for free advice today.

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