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Medical Negligence Risk During Routine Contraceptive Procedure.

The Implanon is a small contraceptive device for women which is implanted in the upper arm and lasts for three years before it needs to be replaced. The insertion procedure is routine and usually done by a GP, who will inject a local anesthetic and then insert the device.

Medical negligence risk with common contraceptive device, Implanon

The insertion must be done in a specific position as there’s a risk of the device being injected into the blood stream if it’s not administered correctly. While uncommon, this terrifying situation isn’t impossible, and Law Partners is representing multiple women who all experienced this form of negligence, with devastating impacts on their health.

Cloe’s implant was administered incorrectly and travelled through her veins and into her heart, lodging in her pulmonary artery. She underwent major chest surgery at Monash Health’s Victoria Heart Hospital and is believed to be one of just seven women worldwide to have undergone surgery for this reason. “I was angry at times, sad, then sometimes relieved,” she describes about her experience in hospital after the procedure.

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Amber’s implant has done so much damage that doctors cannot safely operate to remove her device. “I’ve lost out on living my life as I wanted to,” the teenager says.

A third woman didn’t even realise there was a problem until she went back to her original GP to have the device removed, only to learn that it had travelled through her veins and was lodged in her lung. The complications are so serious that doctors cannot safely operate to reach the device. Her implant still hasn’t been removed.

Law Partners Associate Michael Passaro discussed these cases with Channel 7 and urges others to come forward if they’re in the same position. “There should be further inquiry or investigation by the relevant authority,” he explains.

If you’ve experienced medical negligence due to an improperly administered implant, then you may be eligible for compensation. You can contact us online or over the phone for a free, confidential discussion with a lawyer who specialises in cases just like yours.

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