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A New Chapter – Christine’s Story.

It’s not uncommon to have your wisdom teeth removed if they’re causing you pain, but the pain should disappear after a few days. This wasn’t the case for Christine, whose experience with her surgery has left her with a serious and ongoing injury.

Christine wearing an orange jumper and looking over a balcony

She started experiencing pain in her right wisdom tooth and her dentist told her it needed to be removed, but when she woke up from the surgery she was in excruciating pain. She couldn’t move her face or neck without screaming. Christine took herself to get an x-ray and realised that the left side of her jaw was broken.

Initially she went back to the dentist and asked him how something like this could have happened, but he denied everything. He suggested that Christine had been grinding her teeth in her sleep and that was how the break had occurred. “He basically blamed me,” she says, “he said that it was my fault.” The break stopped her from doing the things she loves.

Christine describes herself as a social person who lived a normal life, her passion is playing guitar and writing songs. She now experiences chronic migraines as a result of permanent nerve damage. She can’t chew properly, or sleep on her left side anymore. On the days when she could get to work, she regularly had to leave early, and she no longer felt safe driving. Working in the healthcare field herself, she had access to many health professionals. Almost everyone she spoke to recommended that she seek legal advice.

She came across Law Partners online. Christine realised that she had a medica negligence case but is not the sort to seek compensation, so it was outside influences that encouraged her to make the call. Her solicitor was upfront about everything and laid out the whole case step by step, which put Christine at ease. “They are open and honest, their communication is brilliant, and the don’t make promises they can’t keep,” she says about the team.

Compensation helped Christine close that chapter of her life, and she’s looking forward to opening the next one. She felt looked after throughout the whole proves and is looking forward to getting back to her life. She’s newly married, her son has just graduated high school, and she hopes to travel in the future now that everything is settled.

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