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Australia's Largest Specialist Personal Injury Firm

Australia's Largest Specialist Personal Injury Firm^

WINNER Personal Injury Law Firm of the Year

Mary Hakim


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Practice areas
Workers Compensation
Languages spoken
English, Lebanese Arabic
Effective communication is crucial for building trust and understanding the needs of my clients so we can achieve the best possible outcome for their claim.

I was initially drawn to working in law because of my passion for social justice and my desire to make a positive impact on the lives of those around me. I chose to specialise in personal injury law as this field allows me to use my expertise to help people who are suffering. It’s incredibly fulfilling to see my clients receive the compensation they deserve. I’m proud to use my skills and deep understanding of workers compensation to deliver positive results for the lives of injured Australians, winning them the support they deserve.

As a personal injury lawyer, my approach is to be a compassionate advocate for my clients, understanding the physical and emotional toll of their injuries, and working to ensure they receive access to the medical care and resources they need. I prioritise being an active listener, offering transparency and reliability in all my client interactions.

Career highlight:

Rather than highlighting my own success, I’m content to know that my work is having a real and lasting impact on people’s lives. I feel proud that I can use my skills and expertise to make a tangible difference in the lives of my clients.

In my own time:

In my free time, I’m all about quality time with loved ones – whether that’s a family dinner or a workout with friends. It’s amazing how recharging those moments can be.

Qualifications and accreditations:

  • Admitted, Supreme Court of NSW
  • Member of the Law Society of NSW
  • Bachelor of Laws