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Not all no win no fee lawyers are the same. At Law Partners, our no win no fee, no disbursements guarantee goes one step further – we’ll also cover the costs we incur during your claim.

So, you get more peace of mind with Australia’s largest specialist firm of no win no fee personal injury lawyers.

We’re rated 4.9 from 977 reviews.

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We ask more questions and get to know you personally. It’s how our no win no fee lawyers spot the things others don’t, so you get more compensation.

We also want you to have peace of mind when you pursue your claim. For many law firms, ‘no win no fee’ means if they don’t win they won’t charge you for the work they’ve done, but they’ll still charge you for the costs they’ve incurred (disbursements) and barrister fees, and these can run into many thousands of dollars.

Our industry-leading no win no fee, no disbursements guarantee covers all the costs and barrister fees we incur during your claim. We win over 99% of our cases, but on the rare occasion we don’t win, our clients don’t pay us anything.

Our no win no fee lawyers
are here to help you with:

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, our no win no fee car accident lawyers can run your claim, and in many cases recover our legal fees from the insurer, so there’s nothing for you to pay.
Man injured in motor vehicle accident about to call car accident lawyer - graphic illustration
Motor accident injuries.
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Our no win no fee workers compensation lawyers will generally apply for funding on your behalf, and this may cover all your legal fees. If you’re pursuing a work injury damages claim, you’ll only need to pay us after we win your claim.
Man injured at work entitled to workers compensation claim.
Work injuries.
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We’ll assess your claim and advise you on the likelihood of success. If you decide to pursue your claim, our no win no medical negligence lawyers will take care of the whole process for you.
Man With Injury Due to Medical Negligence Seeking Compensation
Medical negligence.
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Public liability claims can be complex, but our no win no fee public liability lawyers will give you the best chance of success and provide you with a risk-free way to pursue your claim.
Women suffering from an injury entitled to a public liability claim.
Public liability.
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We can review your policies and determine how much you’re entitled to claim. Then if you decide to proceed, our no win no fee TPD lawyers will pursue your claim for you.
Woman Injured in Wheelchair Unable to Work Entitled to TPD Claim.
Superannuation / TPD.
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Frequently asked questions.

A no win no fee lawyer offers to run your case for you and only get paid when you win. If you choose the right lawyer, it’s an excellent option that allows you to pursue your claim without any risk, but it’s important to check the lawyer’s costs agreement to fully understand what’s covered. With some no win no fee lawyers you can still end up having to pay thousands of dollars in expenses if your case is unsuccessful.

There are three catches to watch out for with some no win no fee lawyers:

  1. Payment of costs (disbursements).

This is probably the biggest difference you’ll find between no win no fee lawyers, and it’s one to watch out for. The catch is that some no win no fee lawyers could still hit you with a large bill if your case is unsuccessful, by making you pay their costs and disbursements.

  1. Paying your costs (disbursements) up front.

Some no win no fee lawyers may not pay all your costs up front. For example, they may not pay for some of the expert medical reports they need as evidence for your case, travel expenses or court fees. It’s best to avoid lawyers who expect you to pay these costs up front out of your own pocket. We’ll pay them for you up front.

  1. Charging excessive interest on your costs (disbursements).

Some no win no fee lawyers will pay the up-front costs / barrister fees for you, but then charge you excessive interest on the costs at the end of your claim.

Yes, there can be hidden costs with no win no fee lawyers. If a lawyer loses your case, here’s how your legal fees and costs will be charged:

  • If the no win no fee agreement covers all your costs and disbursements, no one pays the lawyer’s fees, and the lawyer pays your costs out of their own pocket.
  • If the no win no fee agreement only covers professional fees, then no-one pays your lawyer, but you will have to pay for costs and disbursements.

At Law Partners, our no win no fee, no disbursements guarantee covers our professional fees and all our costs and disbursements.

No win no fee personal injury lawyers generally take on cases they’re confident about winning. At Law Partners, we have an enviable track record of winning over 99% of our no win no fee cases.

But it’s important to understand that success is not just about winning your case, it’s about getting you the maximum possible compensation for your injury or illness. That’s what we do for our clients, and that’s why we’ve grown to become Australia’s largest specialist personal injury firm.

We offer no win no fee terms to all our clients on all claims. The only exclusions are:

  • If you’re dishonest about the details of your claim and we lose your case the agreement is void.
  • If we give legal advice and you go against that advice, and we lose your case, the agreement is void.

The full terms of the agreement will be provided to you to review before we start your claim.

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“Law Partners were my rock. If I was stressed out I’d ring them and tell them my struggles and they’d help me through it – it was unbelievable. I’d recommend them to anyone.”

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