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Australia's Largest Specialist Personal Injury Firm^

WINNER Personal Injury Law Firm of the Year

Law Partners UTS Award Winner Determined to Make a Difference.

20 April 2018

Legal studies is a road that’s paved with hard work and relentless dedication.

Law Partners Personal Injury Lawyers UTS Award 2017.

For some, a career in law can mean financial security, success and even fame and recognition – and it’s these potential motivating factors that can make the long nights spent studying at the university library certainly worth it.

But then there are those who seek to pursue a career in law to make a difference, and help those who may be disadvantaged. Law Partners Personal Injury Lawyers Award winner for 2017, Tim Wheatley, is definitely one of these people.

Currently in the final year of his degree in Law and Medical Science at the University of Technology Sydney, Tim admits his passion for law has significantly developed throughout the course of his studies, however, his commitment to aid those in need is something that has always been with him.

“There has never been a point or moment in my life where it hit me, and I thought, ‘I need to do something to try and help people’. That drive to want to help people is something that I guess has always been with me and something I wanted to do,” Tim Wheatley says.

“To be honest, I didn’t start my degree knowing for sure that the law itself was what I really wanted to do. I started with the combination of Law and Medicine because I thought that that would be a good avenue to achieve my goal of making a real difference. And I quickly realised that law was the right area for me.

“Medical negligence and personal injury is an area that I’d like to find myself in because it does pertain more to my primary goal of helping people and dealing with difficulties that all people may face.”

Law Partners employs a number of impressive young legal professionals and recognises the importance of supporting the legal leaders of the future, which is why the firm originally joined forces with UTS. Law Partners also understands the importance of acknowledging excellence – which is another reason why this award is such a great fit because it’s presented to the student with the highest aggregate mark in Law Medicine or Medicine Law at the university.

Since taking home the Law Partners Personal Injury Lawyers Award at the UTS Law Awards Ceremony nine months ago, Tim’s confidence and belief in his ability to finish his degree and go on to make a real difference in the world as a legal professional has skyrocketed.

“To win such a prestigious award was an immediate boost to my confidence. Aside from how proud I was to claim the accolade, it has confirmed to me that I am on the right path and doing the right things,” Tim reveals.

“Many people will tell you that you should just stick to the things you’re good at, and most of the time they’re not always the things that you’re passionate about. But winning this award proves that’s not true because I’m extremely passionate about my studies, and that passion has helped me perform better.”

Law Partners Managing Director, Adrian Pin, couldn’t be happier with the progression and positive impact the award has had on Tim as he enters the finals stages of his degree. And it’s largely because of this impact that Law Partners has agreed to continue its support of the UTS Law Awards Ceremony until at least 2020.

“Tim is a very impressive young man and clearly a worthy winner of the award. To actually hear from him first-hand how much the award means to him and the positive effect it has had, is incredibly rewarding from our perspective. This is a big reason why we’re excited to be a part of the UTS Law Awards Ceremony again this year,” Adrian Pin says.

“Helping people who are going through a tough time and getting to know them personally drives everything we do at Law Partners, and it’s so great to see our values aligned with a promising young law student like Tim.”

Shane Butcher


An accredited specialist in personal injury law and spokesman for the Australian Lawyers Alliance, with the best part of 20 years’ experience in assisting injured Australians receive everything they’re entitled to.