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Wendy Lee

Client Care Assistant

Wendy Lee is a Client Care Assistant at Law Partners. Her practice area is personal injury law.
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Practice areas
Personal Injury Law
Languages spoken
It’s important to establish a positive rapport with clients by showing empathy and compassion. This allows me to provide ongoing support during a difficult time in someone’s life and go above and beyond to make the process as easy as possible.

Cases in personal injury are often difficult to resolve and highly emotionally stressful. I want to be in a position where I can give people confidence and reassurance that they’ll be taken care of.

The team at Law Partners are all deeply caring, and it’s so rewarding to work with others who are equally passionate about helping people. Working at a firm which represents my values motivates me to continue providing the best possible support to our clients.

Career highlight:

As I’m still at the beginning of my career, being able to work at a law firm that specialises in personal injury has been a real highlight. The culture is supportive for both staff and clients and creates a positive professional environment.

In my own time:

Off the clock:

I enjoy pilates and running as they allow me to revitalise my energy.