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Brachial Plexus injury at birth compensation lawyers.

If your child suffered a brachial plexus injury at birth caused by negligent medical treatment, you may be entitled to compensation.

Our specialist medical negligence lawyers will take time to listen to you, understand your situation, and offer free advice on whether you can claim compensation. If it looks like you have a valid claim, we’ll fund and take care of the whole process for you, so you can focus on your child’s needs.

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Brachial plexus injuries can happen when a baby’s shoulders get stuck in the birth canal as a result of various complications. But if medical negligence was the cause, we can help you financially.

Our specialist medical negligence lawyers will get to know you personally to understand what’s happened and how your life has been impacted. Then we can thoroughly investigate and build evidence for your claim.

We understand your privacy is important. There’s no cost to have a confidential conversation with one of our specialist medical negligence lawyers and find out where you stand.

Our birth injury compensation lawyers are here to help you with:

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Brachial plexus medical negligence

Damage to your baby’s brachial plexus can sometimes be caused by negligent medical treatment at birth. Talk to our expert lawyers to learn how we can help you claim everything you’re entitled to.

TPD claim rejected by Insurer

Ongoing nerve damage

Unfortunately, a brachial plexus injury can cause your child ongoing nerve damage later in life. Our specialist birth injury lawyers can provide you with free legal advice about compensation over the phone.

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Brachial plexus palsy

If excessive force is used during delivery, a condition called complete brachial plexus palsy may result, requiring ongoing care. Our specialist medical negligence lawyers are here to advise you on what you can claim.

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It’s not uncommon to have your wisdom teeth removed if they’re causing you pain, but that pain should disappear after a few days. This wasn’t the case for Christine, whose surgery left her with a broken jaw and permanent nerve damage that completely turned her world upside down.

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You’re in safe hands with Law Partners.

Your medical negligence lawyer looking after your brachial plexus injury at birth claim is backed by a team of specialists including paralegals, medico-legal experts, forensic accountants, and barristers. We’ll work hard for you, and always keep you up to date with your case. You’re in safe hands with Australia’s largest specialist personal injury firm.

Elizabeth Utting is a Managing Solicitor at Law Partners. She specialises in medical negligence.

Elizabeth Utting

Senior Managing Solicitor

The best thing about being a personal injury lawyer is the chance to witness first-hand the sheer courage displayed by clients to want to reclaim their lives, despite all the hardship – it’s what inspires me to go above and beyond for them.

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Tasahra Christian


With every claim, I do everything possible to ensure my clients are shown the compassion they deserve, are listened to and are always kept up to date in regards to the progress of their claim.

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James David is a Solicitor at Law Partners. His practice area is Medical Negligence.

James David


Empathy is such an integral value for every successful personal injury solicitor because it enables you to truly understand the client’s circumstances and build a connection with them. And a strong solicitor/client connection is the foundation of a successful claim.

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James McAuley


The key to achieving a successful outcome is having a solicitor who is thorough, diligent, composed and always willing to act in the very best interest of the client, no matter what. This is the solicitor I strive to be for every one of my clients.

Get to know James

Shane Butcher is a Principal at Law Partners. He specialises in medical negligence, public liability and TPD.

Shane Butcher


With over 15 years’ experience in personal injury law on my side, I’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of injured people and their families claim all the compensation they’re entitled to.

Get to know Shane

Maria Aravena is a Managing Solicitor at Law Partners. Her speciality practice area is medical negligence.

Maria Aravena

Managing Solicitor

Through all my communications with clients, I do everything in my power to explain things in a way they will understand so they’re comfortable with the progression of their claims.

Get to know Maria

Michael Pasarro is an Associate at Law Partners. He specialises in Medical Negligence and Public Liability.

Michael Passaro

Managing Solicitor

The critical aspect of successfully managing cases is an understanding that no two are the same. I bring a well thought out strategy to every matter I engage with to make sure that I’m delivering the best outcomes for my clients.

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Frequently asked questions.

A no win no fee medical negligence lawyer offers to run your case for you and only get paid when you win. If you choose the right lawyer, it’s an excellent option that allows you to pursue your claim without any risk, but it’s important to check the lawyer’s costs agreement to fully understand what’s covered. With some no win no fee lawyers you can still end up having to pay thousands of dollars in disbursements if your case is unsuccessful. This is because their no win no fee agreements cover their professional fees but not the costs they incur. At Law Partners, our no win no fee, no disbursements guarantee covers all our costs and disbursements as well as our professional fees, so you can pursue your claim with peace of mind.

Medical negligence claims are complex, so it’s important to get good advice and engage the services of a specialist medical negligence lawyer. Your lawyer will engage one or more medical experts who have experience in medical negligence to carry out assessments, review your medical records and provide a report detailing how your treatment was negligent.

We’ll manage this process for you, and we’ll cover the medical experts’ costs, so you won’t have to pay anything out of your own pocket.

If your medical negligence claim is denied by the insurer, we then commence proceedings to take the matter to mediation. It’s at this stage that most claims are resolved and a settlement (i.e. a medical negligence payout to you) is agreed upon. In the minority of cases where a settlement isn’t reached, we’ll advise you about taking your claim to court to pursue compensation.

You must lodge your claim within three years. But if it’s been more than three years, you should still speak to one of our medical negligence lawyers as exceptions can be made in some situations.

Even if you’ve spoken to another lawyer and been told you don’t have a claim, you can call us for a second opinion. Our medical negligence lawyers have successfully pursued many claims that were rejected by other lawyers.

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