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What is empathy?

Empathy is more than just feeling sorry for someone. It’s taking the time to truly understand the needs of others and taking action to help them.

Why do we need more of it?

If we all choose empathy we’ll make Australia a better place. When we take the time to understand other points of view, we live more harmoniously and we’re in a better position to help each other.

How can I get involved?

Living with more empathy is a choice that costs nothing, but gives so much. It starts with simply putting aside our differences and preconceived ideas and focussing on the similarities we all share.

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open video

Society’s perception of the disabled

Paralympic legend and Wheelchair Sports NSW Patron Louise Sauvage candidly reveals her frustration with attitudes towards people with disabilities.


open video

Shocking reality of youth homelessness

Former homeless youth Jose details his journey from living on the streets of Kings Cross as an 11-year-old, to his intense battle with depression later in life.

Mental Illness| Poverty

open video

Michael Clarke races young Cormac

Ex Australian Cricket captain Michael Clarke gives wheelchair racing a go and challenges 11-year-old Paralympian-hopeful Cormac to a race!


open video

What resilience really looks like

Losing both parents and being exposed to substance abuse and domestic violence is a nightmare no child should endure. Unfortunately for Kiana, this nightmare was reality.

Domestic Violence| Mental Illness| Substance Abuse

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Raising a child with a disability

Aspiring paralympian Cormac and his father Matt candidly reveal what the tough days look like, the joyous occasions and how damaging a lack of empathy can be.


open video

Australia’s most inspiring man!

From relentless bullying as a teen to the pivotal decision to amputate his own legs. John Coutis’ story will make you cry, make you laugh but most of all inspire.


Wheelchair Sport NSW

Wheelchair Sports NSW endeavours to enrich the lives of those living with a disability through participation in sport. Donate and help give the gift of sport to someone in need today.

Donate to WSNSW
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“There is a difference between sympathy and empathy. Sympathy is; ‘I feel sorry for you’. Empathy is; ‘Come on, mate I’ll give you a hand’. It’s empathy we need more of.” John Coutis