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    Injured at work?

    Whether you work in a factory, office, construction site, retail premises or any other location, you’re entitled to claim workers compensation if you’re injured on the job.

    Injured in a public place?

    Injuries like slips, trips and falls in shopping centers, public buildings, parks and rental properties are covered under public liability insurance. So if you’ve been injured it makes sense to find out how much you can claim.

    Injured in a motor accident?

    The CTP scheme pays compensation to drivers and passengers injured in car, truck, forklift, bike and motorbike accidents. It also covers pedestrians and public transport passengers.

    Off work due to illness or injury?

    If you can’t work due to illness or injury you’re probably entitled to a lump sum worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most Australians are covered through their superannuation fund but don’t know about this payment.

    Suffered from medical negligence?

    Medical negligence compensation covers injuries from treatment that doesn’t meet the right standard of care. This includes misdiagnosis, surgical errors, the wrong medical advice, cosmetic surgery that’s gone wrong and a range of other treatments.

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